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It's a run heavy team great offensive line and you're going to have to guard see samuel iook and kettle like there's gonna be some wide open running lanes for them on the always find a way to run the ball very well under kyle sheehan. Let's get to a couple last questions so late round flyers up but we talk about all the time in this podcast on this podcast. I should say of the picks that you made. Matthew is very late round. Pick that you liked the most. That's now on your roster. Yeah darnall mooney really like in darnall mooney like i think. The bears offense gets maligned. A little bit too much. I understand the concerns of bears. Fans and i get all that but this is a team. Last year there was eight and pass attempts. that was twelve and offensive. Plays from scrimmage with mitch trubisky and nick foles quarterback what are we thinking of. Andy dalton. i would argue. He's an upgrade over those two guys and we all agree that justin fields. It's not it's not if it's wind. Justin feels becomes the starter for the bears. I think he'll be an even bigger upgrade after alan robinson. There's a lot of targets available mooney flashed a lot last year. And if you watch the games if you go back and watch the tape. Moody was open a lot. They just couldn't get on the ball they overthrew may under him like he is fast. And you know making that leap from your one to year two. I really liked darnall. Moonies as a player as a prospect. And i think he's. He's one of my favorite late run. Flyers i snagged nelson aguilar late my last non-defense or counter to pick round fourteen for me and he has done nothing really during the preseason. He's been a little bit in and out of practice but nothing serious but this goes back to what we've talked about so many times on. This show is following the money. This is a player who last year finished. Second in the nfl in yards per reception he was a little bit hit or miss in terms of fantasy. That was in las vegas offense that ran through darren waller and also the running game a physical offensive line in england now with mack jones. I wonder if nelson aguilar's going to get back to his deep threat ways. I think the patriots offense obviously looked better. Throwing the ball with jones would have with cam newton under center so give me nelson lars. My favorite late round fly about used to find you own picks. I should say oh. Yeah so i i read. The directions didn't have to be your own pick. So i really liked calloway eric. Caribou took him in the tenth round. I think obviously he's going to have a lot of potential for the first six weeks now that we know that michael thomas is definitely not going to be there. I like him if i had to pick one of my own. I probably go with terrorists marshall on the panthers because i think that he's going to continue to develop when i saw him a camp. They were integrating him a lot. He got a lot of usage. So i think he's a player's marshalls marshals. Great preseason they like them a lot. They're the only concern. There's just they've got a lot of talent there in carolina. But it's one of the reasons why we talked with the other day like sam darnold and you take marshall late law marshland and dynasty. There's no question daniel okay. Cool hardman harmony. Eleven top ten wide receiver. Stop it all jokes. Aside mukul hardiman. Listen at the spot. That i'm taking him in the eleventh round. The idea that i've got my starters just locked up in front of him. I don't ever need him to really be started from me. But he's on an offense. It's absolutely unbelievable. And now that they've had a couple of people that have left that offense especially with sammy watkins. I think that there's at least a chance that michael hartmann could develop a role there and if anything were to happen to Obviously he would at least vault up from some perspective so as a guy. I don't really need to count. Just has a ton of upside. I love michael. Hartmann late late passes from tech mahomes. Good things often do happen to take away from the mock the last march after this season matthew anything you want to chime in with in with here just that i cross this draft grape. Wow at some point. You'd think at some point you think people would Would catch on. I guess. I guess if i'm if i'm going to. That's fine is that you know. It feels like quarterbacks are going earlier and not just this draft but in all drafts feels like you know for years. It's always wait on quarterback. Wait a quarterback and this year feels like quarterbacks are going earlier than normal inexpertly sometimes in home leagues they always do but in in court quote unquote expert leagues. They're going because as we talked about having. A good quarterback is the new mediocre quarterback. Because there's so many quarterbacks like you want elite quarterback you want somebody that runs as well. We just talked about the fact that mahomes one in the third here as well. And we're seeing backup rookie. Quarterbacks drafted guys like justin fields and tree. Lance are being drafted and they should be. Those guys are sleeper three. I think they're going to be fantasy superstars once they get the job. Like how rare is that rarely. Do you see rookie. Quarterbacks drafted especially ones that don't even have the job on week one my take. I already kind of got into this earlier. Some make quick is that. I don't want to be the first player to a quarterback just because you don't know when that train is going to start thereafter wannabe lasted quarterback as well. I agree with you though. It does seem like that. Mid tier of quarterback not mature. But that second tier of quarterbacks is going earlier than in previous years. I'm happy to be a part of that here. Happy to grab someone like kyla. Murray and the six or seventh-round as opposed to waiting until the tenth or eleventh round. Grab my quarterbacks tanya what he got for takeaway. I kind of alluded to it as well. I really don't love going zero running back at the in my strategy. I tried it. I didn't feel great about it. But i also really is for me draft order which you very rarely have control over but boy do i want to end up in the top half draft because i really liked the top running backs some five or six and then i'm out in the war room league ha ha takeaway is that i need to grab a running back. In the first two rounds. I have waited similar to what savan just talked about. I need to get somebody. That is going to be my cornerstone of my running back class. And i think i need to grab someone because he gets to dicey too quickly and with that same point i also think that there is one of seven tight ends matthew. Oh you've talked about this as well. Yes. there's one of seven tight ends. That i want and i'm making sure i'm getting one of those seven tight ends as my starter. Yeah i liked that darren fells. Stop it no music not fielder and destroyed top. It was the who's the big touched is the guy that caught the touchdown and a show four four four. Who can dance danseuse are. That's all we have for today. That's gonna do it for our show. We'll be back tomorrow with a fantasy superstar interview. When i say superstar that may be under selling the annual defining injury. Show is also tomorrow. I'm telling you.

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