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The judge quote. We have now spent considerable time talking about multiple clusters of false or misleading or incomplete or needed to be prodded by council statements, all of which center around the defendants relationship or. Communications with Mr. Kalinic. The judge continues, quote, this is a topic at the undisputed core of the office of special counsel's investigation as paragraph b of the appointment order put it she's quoting the appointment. Order that established the special counsel's office with Robert Muller at its helm. She quotes that appointment order where Muller is assigned to look into quote, any links and or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign. Joining us now is Barbara mcquade. Former US attorney from the great state of Michigan. Barb. Thank you so much for being here. I have a lot of things I want to talk to you about. Yeah. Thanks for each busy day. Yeah. Man. It all happens. All at once in the Manafort transcript that we got today out of DC, the recurring themes like a seventy page transcript is that Manafort lied a lot to the government. The judge finds that he did breach. His cooperation deal he did it on purpose, and she really hones in on him lying about his communications with this. Guy Kalinic who the government says is tied to Russian intelligence. You were talking the other night about the the importance of why Manafort might have lied, and what specifically he was lying about. Now that we see the judge spell it out. What do you make of this? He will as you pointed out, he went took on great risk by lying knowing that he was risking this substantial prison term to lie, and we see in this transcript that more than half of it relates to his his statements about his contacts with Constantine Kalinic much of it is redacted. So we don't know exactly what it was. He was obscuring. But she does say that the FBI has that Constantine Kalinic was connected to Russian intelligence, and that was what he went out of his way to lie about she also points out these were not lapses of memory or failures to recollect. He created false narratives about matters that he was asked about Constantine Kalinic. And so he certainly was very deliberate. In line about Constantine Kalinic. And so there's still some mystery there for us, but those redacted bars may reveal the rest of the story and bar when you see this. Prosecutors ask for nineteen and a half to twenty four and a half years for Manafort just in Virginia that judge that ruled that he deliberately lied about. All those communications with Kalinic that judge is yet to start the sentencing process with him that sentencing won't happen until next month. But this recommendation from prosecutors that in the Virginia case alone should be looking at nineteen to twenty four years. Does that mean we should expect that he will get nineteen to twenty four years? Well, the that's the sentencing guidelines, it's sort of a starting point where judges are supposed to look to calculate a sentence. And it has a very numerical score. You mentioned some of the things that go into that cystic, aided means and leadership role all these kinds of things and you come up with kind of a math score, and you go to a table. And that's where you get that range of nineteen to twenty four. And then the judge is allowed to consider midday. Gating factors and aggravating factors to decide whether the Senate should be a little bit below that or a little bit above that. Based on this filing. They can't think of any mitigating factors. And in fact, there are aggravating factors for someone who is very wealthy who is highly educated and yet based solely on greed decides to commit these crimes. The defense will file something certainly that tries to point out some mitigating factors. But I can't imagine they're going to say things that convince the judge to go substantially below that range. Wow. Barbecue could stick with us for a second. There's one other matter that I wanted to ask you about which was actually matter raised by congress today to more lawyers associated with the president now being accused by congress of lying to officials lying to federal officials about that hush money. Crime for which Michael Cohen is going to prison next month..

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