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Do. And guess what? The Republicans are going to still beat us up about it. They're going to still try to use it as a storyline to kill us in elections because that's really what this was all about anyway. This was a political campaign issue. And he did, he's a phenomenal young senator that people haven't watched him enough. I have the highest respect for him, and he worked so hard. And I can guarantee you he's getting beat up by all sides from the minute he sat down that night on the floor of the Senate. When he was doing exactly what he was asked to do and that we tried to negotiate out painfully painfully, but we did. And the governor felt that that needed to be in her budget. And that was a political decision, not necessarily a budget decision. And then the I is even told after the fact that we've stadium was never intended to be a budget issue, it just all came together at the exact same time. I have not exactly, I think home is a good word for it. But there are suddenly there it was. At the last minute, as was a new amount of money for a capital program yet to be determined for $350 million on Long Island, and that was also a political decision. You didn't have to be born yesterday to know that she's concerned about Long Island and Tom swazi. And I want to help my Long Island colleagues also get reelected. But I'm not sure I would have come up with a $350 million should be determined gift at the last second. But one of those got in the budget. You know, it's interesting that last piece is in a certain sense about accountability. Having an appropriation, a lump sum appropriation, you know, without definition and there's some controller oversight restored, as you said in the budget, some good stuff happened. So you and I will continue to have our great conversation about spending and CPC will always urge more spending restraint or not always. We hope to not have to urge spending restraint, but it's not exactly there how we think it should be. But what we both a 100% agree on is if we're going to spend the money we should get value. We need a management system. We need the data, but not just the data. We actually have to use the data. And you have been a leader in this and have a performance management, I don't know if that's the right name for it a piece of legislation. But right now, for example, on education, $13 billion of federal education aid, if you add up the increase in education aid with fully funding foundational formula, that's going to be a total of $41 billion over four or 5 years added to education. Yet, I don't see a system that's going to that's going to demand results and holds districts and SCD accountable for results. What can we do?.

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