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Me. Daddy riched. Oh, yeah, Daddy rich man. Come on, man. I got a picture in my office of em, sitting, you know talking to me. It's just giving me the advice between, you know his fashion design, you know, it was fun because he never really conversated with me because it wasn't that he didn't need to but we think he would always tell me every time we go to New York Ricky. You gotta get some blue shoes. That's a come on Chuck. You know, I've got game but blue choose what I'm looking I am getting a pair of navy blue shoes and from meslin every time I throw that blue suit all Coop you go. He goes like yeah, Ricky you got it the blind shoes. So damn daddy Rich love them to death is fast and he's fashion-forward that hairstyle always as they say he was soft and that was you know a coupe and you know, cuz you have Pat Riley with that song. Sweat slicked back right now that that's the flying there man, Robert Smith Batman Robin still doing it daily Hare that's wage because then hairline was gone kufi grown in the front and let it go back in the Shag back cover more cool. That's why you got a ball head and you know, cuz I still home last but not least Vic the late great coach John Thompson. Big man. Oh my gosh Coupe. I met him and this was fun. I had a chance to plan now. It's only three people back when I played that ever made off the East-West All-Star game back in the day cooped you remember that and it was a top seniors in the country. They only have and they have it but it's not publicized anymore because guys leave out back and forth with one year in college to go to the NBA and he was like, he like baby boy boy, you know, just just get that money get that money. And every time I saw a big John what that hurt me with him and Wes unseld dying and the same year. Then this code has this crazy pandemic that went and the social injustice that we're dealing with. It was like wage, you know a guy that was a a mentor to be the first African-American coach with a he had a team and I told you he would Pat Patrick Ewing and being in DC at that time. It was just nice to see and you always be remembered in my mind and long ago Russell cool. So time with Coupe. We got Rick Mahorn in the house and Rick. I know your real life. You got something going to a couple more questions. Do you guys.

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