President Trump, Reporter, NRA discussed on Morning Edition


A school in other words you're calling for a significant shift in policies being contemplated to bring some data to the table right and the data so far dark knock show that having more weapons schools make kid safer what we find though starting with columbine including the kentucky school shooting last month the florida school shooting last week there were armed train police officers stationed at those schools those shooters still came knowing that so this theory that many have refusing quitting the president's the shooters intentionally go the gun free school zones there's no evidence that that's true reporter who was written for time the atlantic and others she has a book about education she's written this book about how the mind responds in an emergency called the unthinkable ms ripley thank you as the national rifle association pushes back against talk of new limits on firearms in the wake of that school massacre a big car rental company is ending its co branding relationship with the nra enterprise which also does alamo and national when a car offers discounts to nra members but that is now ending also one of the biggest privatelyheld banks in the country first national bank of omaha is reportedly pulling out of its nra credit card deal the omaha world herald has that story let me check the markets screens here dow s p and nasdaq are each month five tenths of one percent half a percent each the dow is up one hundred twenty two points above 25000 one guy to interest rates in america is down this morning two point eight eight percent on the 10year yield also today chinese authorities seized control of the insurance and real estate conglomerate.

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