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Dante narrow the show as man school to to only beige Ville. Yeah. They'll take you right into the advanced course, of course, you can find onto another Keith girl appearances. In fact, make sure you guys. You know, put nominate things that you want to be up for caca wards, Dante could've made it this year when he was talking about the the proud voice. He was no he was they called him. The pope of the proud voice in the explain himself. To cover up those a lot of fun. So you can hear I appreciate you guys. Talking to me about that. Because I wanted to clarify that not Jesus just did a thing with ABC Nightline. Did a thing on Gavin mcginnis, and they interviewed me about it. And you know. You know, what are you out with it? Now like in your head because you a bunch because of it. It's just you realize that there's people that you know, you race Pim's the ah doing this like you say this on on a lot of these contributors, the FOX contribute is. I don't even think they believe what they're saying. But then throwing that red meat to the base. And they're saying these these things, and I'm not I'm not saying, I don't think that they're not racist. I just don't think that they're extreme and playing apart. And then when you get them off that when you get them off from behind. Hey, let's just leave it on the field. And what they don't understand. There's no there's no integrity to what you thought about in the first place. But that's all people with this. Even with this done in Kruger affect all people want you to do is to subscribe to whatever they believe anyway. And then they go. Yeah. We'll see she says that's like every time you get like, Michelle Owens, or or you get a Nigel NS. These guys get a black guy or you're. See the Trump has ice and diamond like these. The porn sites to worse. Black women ever goal hair. Just and they're like you, you know, Mr. Trump at that. And it's like, and so you get these people who are already into that. And they look you say they they said it black takes Senate. So you get you get all these people that kind of subscribe to this thing. And then they just feed it, and I think what's what happens. Also is worse. Right. Yeah. Oh, it's because you don't even at least if you're an asshole, and you you're an authentic asshole. Then. Okay. But you know, if you know better and you doing this. There was an open letter that they that. So what happened in Gavin mcginnis his neighborhood with the leader the proud way, he which he says, he's not the leader of the problems. But then why did you step down? What did you step down? I don't know. You know? They're just words we use them the way we want and. So but his neighbors he lives in Larchmont or something like that. And they put hatred doesn't live here. And they had these like Trump signs last night. I think so it's a really nice neighbor. Yeah. So and then they all put them up, and he wrote an open letter, basically saying his family's been heart deeply by this fine. But what because he goes his the community is against his family. My kids I work here. My kids go to school here and there and then one of the guys responding them. Put a sign on your lawn UPC shit like you're making he was making money off this race this race baiting being raised Pam. And then you he didn't even know like I remember having a conversation with him on race. And I was like, and this is before the whole probably even but we just kind of getting to know each other, and he was talking about welfare mothers and doing that whole. At water whistle blowing these these welfare, queens, and all these things that they reverberate over and over again, and I go, you know, what's interesting. You know, what's interesting is. I wish I had white guy confidence like me. I well, you've never been on the ethical side of history ever in the history. Not slavery. Not even after they tried to bother slavery hit fifty percent of the country was like Alycia on plays out. What they did to indigenous nations native Americans the Japanese interment camps. The transatlantic railroad what they did to the Chinese the Muslim ban..

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