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That you came by just yet. You gotta buy it through its special acquisition company. No this capital. Apophis, a PP harvest. The name of the company are building and looking to deliver tomatoes, and just a few months, I believe on the growing them in eastern Kentucky. Waze APP harvest operating in eastern Kentucky while the technology they're using which comes from Holland. This technology, so it's not experimented with technology that works. On and, um it's this technology has made Holland in a few years, the second largest food exporting country in the world. Imagine that. Yeah, they're building greenhouses and the greenhouses are immense sum the largest structures in the world. 50 acres under roof and their first one Eastern Kentucky is the location for a number of reasons. One eastern Kentucky is with a 24 hour drive of 70% of United States population and when you're delivering Produce you wanted as fresh as possible. So within a 24 hour drive makes sense. Secondarily. This organic technology they use uses recycled rainwater, and there's a preponderance of recycled rainwater in eastern Kentucky. And third is a very vibrant workforce there in eastern Kentucky. Their initial hiring of 300 people came from 8000 people that applied so there's a workforce there. That's happy toe work. I think this is something that's intriguing right now. Tomatoes that they're going to compete with a grown in Mexico and greens. You're gonna compete with her grown in both California and Arizona, where there is a water shortage. There's a giant drought going on last few years there There's something that just makes sense. And I think this solves some survive supply problems. And, uh, I just think the concept is very interesting if you'd like to, uh, get more details on it before I send you to research I even look at the AP Harvest website much better four minute video. It's very intriguing. Just punch it up on Google. We got apple harvest. I think that'll that'll be very convincing for you also know, I was really impressed with that. So if you like to receive details, one app harvest. Just call our hotline. 877 Cargill 877 c a l l G l O R number Here is 9 to 266 84 10. 92266 City. We were talking a little bit about income and income generation. And if you look at the low rates that bonds pay The 10 year treasury of less than 1%. The bank heels are very, very low, this strategy of not putting all your eggs in one basket of using four different components closed and funds. Given an aristocrat stocks. Preferred stocks and a growth fund in combination And get you. Average yield of about 8%. If you'd like to talk more about that, how that might work in your portfolio. Just call our 24 hour hotline number right now. And 877 call Gil 877 c a l l g i l Uh, plenty time for you to get online here. 92266 80, But we're.

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