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And also you can tweet us at the 1800flowerscom twitter feed and some tweets already coming in from what we were talking about the first segment the improvement of jared golfs game and how quickly things have turned around and gerry jackson put in jeff fischer not looking good he's definitely not a qb whisper no he was nieto defensive let's let's understand it listen it all falls on the head coach because they're the head coach eye so it it eventually it is on him and jeff fischer knows that but when we sit there and talk about these these whisperers the adam cases the dirt cutters the bend mac adduce what are they they're offensive coaches jeff fischer was a defensive culture so the main thing where the some of the failure for him as a head coach was a staff he hired often correct jeff fischer is not going to be the quarterback whisperer that's what you do when you have one side of the ball you're coaches at offense of binding culture defensiveminded coach some of the most important hires you make our who you hire for the other side of the ball that you're going to let run it and and the development of the quarterback for the rams in st louis was was not good at all so you'd have to look at jeff fischer because he's the head coach but then who he brought in to coach these guys and they certainly were not quarterback was absolutely if you wanna have a fairer assessment of jeff fischer in the bull bull move on two other things look at all the defensive players he's brought in the air and don right michael brockerages alec ogle tree your before he left a generous jenkins right they've now got a baron who's in there now playing a sort of like a linebackers yeah yes yes safety position so he brought in a lot of this great really good defensive talent his side of the boy fortunately for him they could never balance out with with the offense of side of the ball in look as we all know all the rules right now in the nfl a really geared towards scoring even though scoring is down this year right which means you wheat we go through these cycles in the nfl i think defense is a figuring out how to slow down the high flying high scoring offenses this just in nobody likes pressure up the metal.

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