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Say on a clarification whether he wishes, destroy Brexit that's not a very parliament stressed you. Might say sites And In fact about sabotaging. Brexit but Lord Hailsham argued this issue was bigger than party politics This. Is the high court. Of parliament and we're not party hatch And when, it came to the vote peers. Insisted, on parliament having a say sending the Bill to the Commons again Q. more frantic negotiations and, a last government compromise that MP's would have a. Meaningful vote if the speaker John berko ruled in favor of one the concession was, put to a final tight votes pregnant pays was summoned and one MP who'd been. Receiving hospital treatment was wheeled three the Commons covenant of blanket and carrying a sick, bowl at the end of it all the government won. The day just, the is to. The right three hundred three the nose, to the left three, hundred and nine, teen so the news the news heavy And all that meant the Bill finally received Royal. Center at the, end of, June So how bruising battle has list? Been and how is anyone supposed, to, keep, the ins and outs of Brexit questions I put to BBC political correspondent Jonathan Blake what it's baffling enough for those of. Us whose job it is to cover the process of Brexit on a daily basis so I think people watching and listening and reading. And trying to understand what's going on could. Be forgiven for being a bit confused and we have seen the government's position, change we go back to the speeches at the prime minister made at various. Points, and then the agreement that was made at Chequers in the subsequent white paper still. We hear that ministers disagree within the cabinet on whether that's the right way forward So how damaging has been to the Tory party Well I think there's no question that it. Has been a damaging process for the conservative party we've seen different factions. Of the parliamentary conservative party turning on each other we've seen arguments about their own party, policy in the government's policy played out in public and when people, see that the, party is turned on it self whatever the issue it's never going to be good in. Terms of convincing the public.

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