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Ask for jason daughter or any of the team or visit them on the web at ao s a b q dot com five years koa newsradio time five oh five attends manian devil has died the albuquerque bio park zoo but kayla died inter sleep early tuesday at the age of eight that exceeds attends manian devils normal life expectancy of five to six years michaela in three other tasmanian devils came to the biopark from australia in two thousand thirteen jasper male died under mysterious circumstances less than a year after arriving what he suffered a fractured skull another male died in two thousand sixteen from pneumonia and heart disease wall street today the dow was up two hundred ninety three points our next update at five thirty i'm laurie molin prank on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kk you'll be on newsradio kick obey 507 on newsradio kick you'll be you know the best way to keep your bed healthiest evita good quality pet food the nutrition experts at clark sped emporium can recommend the foods to keep your bed active and healthy clark's i love us west of san mateo manala want to bow and at clark's petscom bobby g what's up got a new accident braden this is gonna be eastbound alameda between jefferson and the freeway and that's causing a little bit of a backup there westbound for sales congested from about twenty five down to four street we still have that accident clearing right now that's going to be at edith and osuna fetching north and westbound traffic there and still seeing that congestion right around roy in your fourth because of that bosque fire if you see an accident call the traffic tracker hotline seven six seven nine hundred.

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