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The Frank Beckman show he's the goat he's our greatest of all time gets to and we don't have any reservations about saying that right now let's pause and check traffic and weather first we get data Clark on duty this report is brought to you by unbound dot org right now there are young people across the world facing a tough choice continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family put food on the table you can help change their future in a single moment see how far your support can go at unbound dot org two seventy five northbound at mile collision blocks a leftist side of that exit ramp and fifty nine west bound between grass shouldn't hiding right this is in Clinton township slow moving maintenance vehicle has a left lane closed at midday construction until three PM this afternoon now W. J. R. whether first from the weather channel a bit of rain scattered around as we head through this morning periods of rain in the forecast gusty winds at times today sixty two overnight tonight the rain showers leftover breezy fifty light rain tomorrow morning still some lingering showers tomorrow afternoon fifty seven from the weather channel meteorologist restated on news talk seven sixteen WJAR the following is a special activation of the emergency alert system for an amber alert in our area all all this is an emergency message from Chippewa county central dispatch in regard to a missing special needs child in the city of Saint Marie please be on the lookout for a missing thirteen year old female in the city of Sault Saint Marie with special.

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