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The moment we crossed the county line i just starts in a car at i don't stop until we leave and like i will be like even if i not paying attention to where the marker is for the border like all be in the middle of a story then like saying oh yeah over there that old farmer miller's place eldest screaming until for the rest of the duration of the visit i can't help get an involuntary reflex anti again it's all my head i know there's not really a dark cloud that hangs over the place that makes me just terrified and and fills me with dread makes me want to think about leaving every second i'm there but i don't think it'll ever go away and it's the same thing is when i inner basically town minds not so much the county because they're still some outside areas there that i think are pretty decent it i mean they're still decayed but as soon as i entered that town i've got that dark cloud of meth that i snort whenever i inner that town and it's it's not metaphorical it's just a dark in line of method i automatically do i don't even know where it came from but i basically do that from the time i enter the town until the time i leave and then also when i get home i i also do more meth i think i might actually just have a meth problem or i it's in the same thing right and you when you inner talented than leave having blacked out for seventy two hours in your backseat is just full of turkey right no memory of where those of where those came from.

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