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I thought my editor would tell me to take out but she actually keep it said. It's basically say that they're urinals in france shaped like female lips female monks. And if you don't have a problem with that you should stop reading this book. So as i said it's very explicit supposedly angry. Yeah and i would imagine that it was therapeutic. Can way to write this. It was therapeutic. But at the same time it was so difficult because you have to. extrapolate Yet to excavate the own pain you own trauma to to make it real. And i know that authors are asked to make themselves vulnerable and the page and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not good I forget the name of the person but he wrote this award winning a fiction book. I believe it was Lunch something about free lunches he won. He won the won the morris award. He won the or other. Their air was nominated. He won the award for the best nonfiction. I've got his name but anyway he was talking about how he was writing his book he had to call. He called up his abuse abusive Relatives and then he ended a drinking and then throwing up and then He even had to go to therapy. And i don't know if i could do that. That's asking too much but for me. I felt it was therapeutic but it was difficult. I felt a hat to do it and at the end. I'm glad i did so. But i wouldn't repeat it necessarily it's because it's waste limited book. Is wesley my then my than the kennel. In the flame. It took twice as long to writing. Yeah and was that more in the drafting process or the revision process. Where a lot of that time was spent okay so it was a bit of both. Because i didn't know what shape the book would initially take the book. The book is set in thirteen different cities in the world. Which means i had to do a lot of research. It starts off in low to where i was born so that was relatively easy because i remember what what it's like what it smells like what the streets are like but then all the other cities i wish i had traveled to my editor was like oh you must have traveled a lot of house like meanwhile if you consider traveling by google maps you know. I wish i could travel that much. But i did a lot of research. I had to But the languages the people in the city spoke what cities look like. Because if you speak like if you're unto registered even been to you have to sort of know what when you send a street what the what the sites around are like right. I couldn't figure what cities would smell leg. But i feel like creative licenses. I watched documentaries. I read a blog post about people who had gone there travel accounts and hopefully i got. I got them all right. But no and then i wrote the draft once and then i let go for a while my agent credit. She gave me a feedback. And then nothing happened with it. I send it to my scholastic tear who posted over and i was like. Maybe it's a bit too experimental for regular publishing so after. I was actually on the day of the morris award ceremony. I got a call from an from. Two editors who were both interested in it. So who like okay. And then i got my Edited from simon and schuster and she said ho ended letter the one that we all live andreyev but actually like.

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