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Is aren't doing the sort of obvious big swing in dick depiction of cop masculinity they're kind of just playing their own types sure and just being okay cops and by the leaders don't you believe it because like the one of the biggest yes were they are beating someone up and again and i'm gonna i'm gonna just put a blanket statement down and say everyone in this movie is amazing and multivolume off but joe pantoliano who plays like this guy character snake yeah they're like that's like the first going to the kinda bust and they they kind of like torture him but they are torturing him in a way that seems so believable if they get him they they're running after him they thrown into a tattoo shop ripe if humble at maybe and then and they've thrown into a chair and they basically are tricking him into the fact that they're giving him like a tattoo like you know it's safe and then even their plan with him backfires like but it's like when they are being we just hassling him yet and at the end of the movie on billy crystal does have his big moment when his ex wife his kidnapped and and he's got a show up you by it's very much the reason why i love like die hard as well as dire when you first me john maclean you don't think that this guy is like you know there's something human about him and these guys junior putting this crazy situation and when billy crystal does confront everybody there you buy a fucking he's like this is them trying to be as tough as he can be and that you know it's anyway when gregory hines like on the side of the building gonna like a launch into the key like his thing was like he's a window while like he like a big day they say they feel bakers like come alone in this big glass building bunkers it comes along within you gregory hines is like a windowwasher's they could drop in from the ceiling but he seems scare like they're not adept at doing it like even at least john maclean as in point like becomes very adept at everything you know.

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