Michael Dantonio Barbarez, President Trump, Rodney discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


But later you look at things like when he bought part of Eastern Airlines and rebranded it as the Trump shuttle or the plaza hotel. He was terrible at making those deals and even worse at executing them. So over time, I think he came to regard his own abilities. As maybe something like what people read in the art of the deal. Now, most took what's in the art of the deal was not from the president. It was from Tony Schwartz even the title came from Tony. So we have to wonder at every step of the way. What is Donald Trump really responsible for and how much is just hype? That's the development of is reputation. And none of which would really matter if he wasn't present the United States and meeting one on one with Latimer Putin multiple times meeting one on one with Kim Jong UN with no one else present in the room, which is highly unusual. I mean, he for whatever reason he insists on meeting with these people alone. The the plight. Explanation is that he feels so confident in his deal making that the by force of personality. He can somehow make something happen. Yes. But that wouldn't explain the fact that he doesn't want you want to know, what was said. I'm very worried about that to be honest. Yes. But going back to what Michael said he he did have a lot of skills in the beginning. And one of the things that he doesn't boast about where we think this is greatest skill. This is salesmanship he could sell ice in the winter to us, and he he built his reputation on him selling himself. And this deal thing is part of that. And he has sold themselves to people in that looking back at it. And they said, well some deals will. But why launch most of them were not so good, especially the later ones that Michael mentioned like the plaza and the shadow I mean, he just paid Eskin price and he casino stuff that didn't end and well, right? No, no. It didn't especially the Taj Mahal which was probably his downfall. He had to have it. It was the biggest casino. In Atlantic City. And that's when I say is ego took over is that Michael part of the Rodney think his ego. Oh, it definitely is. I remember when I discussed with then businessman Trump the site of negotiating so that everyone wins and. Experts on negotiation will say that the key to it is having an empathy for the other party to understand where they're when is located and then get to a place where everybody wins. And so I said to him what do you think of this concept of win win? And he said I prefer the concept of I win. So that's really where he's at when it comes to negotiation. And it's I think why he has so much trouble on the world stage. There are so many moving parts so many bilateral relationships, and he can't keep track of on Michael dantonio Barbarez. Great davick. Thank you, the pleasure on this Martin Luther King day, some lawmakers or letting loose on President Trump during sharp contrast between the president and the lead civil rights icon. It was new holding back wasn't fair ill. You'll hear it next..

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