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Is it is it super duper tough to have a cash out button on Twitter is the super duper tough to have a little button next year tweet this as oh I wanna tip that person is it super duper tough to launch a lightning node for he pays for people. Hold on. Let me keep going for people that he pays he's got. He's got an army of dead answer for that this pretty let me go until you interrupted. He's got an army of devs. He's got an army of engineers, it should take two weeks to put a cash at button on Twitter. It's not that. He it's not that. He can't do it. Why would you take the most mainstream social media platform and then implement something that only two percent of the world gets. Because there's no telling where that two percent gets you option, but it's terrible for business model. Okay. All you got con yays sending tips to fuck in the game. I don't fuck. I'd say that it could if he did something like that make a drastic move change towards people actually using corn or whatever actually puts into Twitter, but for Twitter, it's a it's a gamble. Okay. Has to be incredibly incredibly into this where he thinks it's like the future of the world and he wants to like compromises current business plan slash. People who use Twitter to push it on them. Would you guys stop jockey in this man's? And that's what you're I just think how how in the world is he compromising Twitter by putting a little button on that says, hey, you wanna tip that guy? I tweet. I think it's a great little cash. It's not my business. The only diplomat things that you know, are people are gonna use an implement Twitter change, they take into go from one forty to eighty characters. They'll seven years it's It's like. like. At the heat that worried about influencing the reason and communication flow of Twitter, adding money into it is going to have I think that's a that's a pretty big decision. Relative to like. Keeping conversations the same when you had money into anything that nature of how people communicate changes. Hit this did Nadal. Would you argue that I I don't disagree with anything. You guys just said, I just think that he's in a position to be a little more than a cheerleader. And if anything he could be doing a little something. To show like, oh, I don't just own it. I you know, what that guy say for like just for men or the hair shit in the nineties when he was like, I don't just own it. I al-. I also use it. I'm not just the CEO. I'm also. Yes, mer. Yeah. I'm not just to see. I'm also cut from her. On the Hanes. Men's hair club hair club. Yeah. There. Hair clipper men. Yeah. Well, tweet their guy and tell him to ask ask him when he goes on his podcast. Jack Dorsey said Hello to some other bitcoin podcasts spring on here, and he can interact with the fans that aren't calling us right now. Yeah, we'll record. It's weird as tuck seven thirty seven eastern time. Seven PM eastern time. I would say the more people on the evening in the middle of Saturday. Yeah. That's very true. I don't know. Maybe we should do some like AB testing and figure out when people are actually in the slack. So they just asked. Hey, if you're listening to this podcast you'd like to join to Nisa message somehow on the slack on Twitter on anything until what time you would like to join. Yeah, that's good or you can do surveys inflec-. Slack. Let you best way to get a hold of us not to be such a negative. Nancy? It is really cool that someone as. Viz as visible as Jack Dorsey is like such a proponent of bitcoin. I think it is kind of cool. I don't think I think proponent is the wrong word relative to the actual proponents of these things..

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