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Maybe gotta talk a little more jason up there so you lie throw it down yeah jason is not known as the talker this is gonna be interesting i am going to watch what a careful because i've been around him obviously play with them not a lot of fat in terms of almost say extra so it's gonna be interesting to see how that goes that jumps nothing put extra exactly what the job is is you know the joe tessa tour will tell you it's third and four from the forty eight yard line and you know tom brady's back to pass completed rob gronkowski first and ten then you turn to the the guy go don't yeah don't leave me hanging out it's time for you to go that's nothing but extra you you hear that silence that's our enemy sites you saw them delta but he killed audition so i noted the smart people in the room must have heard some kurt warner apparently was on the shortlist for that spot as well yeah and then after it didn't go his way he tweeted and it was all paraphrase the tweet it was hey what happened to be in the best man for the job now he says that had nothing to do with jason witten getting the job he says that it's coincidental that it was just a random thought then entered into his head on and given day random day random thoughts pretty bad timing if it was a random thought anyway kurt warner the benefit of the doubt now he's talking again okay he was on a saint louis cardinals broadcast and he talked about how he was considering rejoining the nfl as a player now now quote day.

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