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Okay. Needed cash. So your chapter eleven right. What happens is they don't put you of business. Right. Stay in business, but you have to pay cash for everything while so every day, we would take the cash that we would bring in from selling clothes, and we'd have to pay for anything and everything out of out of yesterday's till? Right. So it was hand to mouth, right, right? And we closed a few of our stores. We're left with two stores at that time discounters were opening selling bell-bottoms and cool close. Right. So we weren't the only one. Right. And it it was a struggle. So I decided I should. Sell my share of the business. Regardless of how much you get for it. Because I wanted to move to New York City, and I wanted to learn how to build my own fashioned brand right now, let's hear from our brand partner. My name's Rick here Reynolds. And I am the founder owner, president of Skype media were multimedia communications agency. So basically, we work with businesses more brands on overall business, branding and bragging of their product. You know, I I am a brand loyalist. So I I still be fame products that I started my business with. I started off with Adele desktop, and I grew up and now you the X. Yes. So I'd like had this cute like pieces gold. I you know, I showed off all the time. And I carry it everywhere because it helps me to do more. And I'm able to sit in meeting and then listen in on a meeting. So it's like I'm doing briefings at one time, and that's the way that I. Now back art of the hustle when you set up Tommy hilfiger nine hundred five you spend time in India. And at least according to to what I read you would sit in the factory with a policy catches, you'd watch the clothes being made and you tweak as they were making them. And you felt like it was arguably the best design school in the world being that you have the ability to both design and also be a visionary, right? How do you actually balance being the visionary? And being caught up in the actual find details of the of the.

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