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You know i just think he'd doing what i'm doing keep plugging away kinda hide behind closed doors sometimes which is nice kind of the way i'd like to keep it sometimes kind of impossible but you know on joy i got my group of friends you know some of them were here this week and you know it's it's special this really is to have everyone here this time because last time no one's only win and nobody was here you know now my family and friends here this week is really special brooks cap back to back literally us open curtis strange the last do that happened to be the fox sports reporter on the course with that group the round of the day certainly belong to tommy fleetwood he tidy us open record with a final round sixty three he finishes one shot back dustin johnson finished another shot back followed by masters champ patrick read at four over espn senior writer kevin van valkenburgh earlier on espn radio asked one that feeling sank in this could be kept kaz day i got a feeling a little bit after patrick read started to fall back that brooks is just gonna he was going to be relentless you know he's such a strong player you so rocksolid it doesn't really make a lot of mistakes when tommy fleetwood went out and fired a sixty three and sixty two it got a little bit interesting i think i spent a little bit of time kind of hanging out with him watching him watch the golf which is interesting but i just too strong i mean this you know the the first guy to win back to back open since curtis strange the guy who did it previous to that was ben hogan so it's a pretty special accomplishment there's nothing wrong with a top three finish kevin i mean dustin johnson still plus three is third place but you get a sense that he's probably going to be disappointed because it seemed like after two rounds this was his tournament to lose it really did it seem to it seems like he was so in control too i really felt like he was sort of reasserting himself the best player.

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