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I came out here and did a show on Melrose called snow, which was a musical comedy loosely based on flowers in the attic. And then I did David Mamat movie called Spartan. And then I saw. I remember that movie. I was the president's daughter and they like shaved my head and I got taken overseas and treated barbarically. Remember I gotta watch again. I mean, you can't if you want not feel good about the. No, I feel great about it. I'm just saying I'm going to be. Yeah, I'm kind of interested about it. I just interviewed Mamat did best. Yeah. I mean, he's definitely he's. He's got his way. He's a savant. I mean, he is. He's a certify -able genius, but he's also eccentric because of it. I love him. Yeah, knows great talk. And I, I like the way rights I do. I didn't really get into his movies too much because I did sort of take him to task about how he sees acting and how he teaches. It's incredibly specific, but I, I don't like favor one health. I'm going to make myself puke up your beautiful lunch, but I don't Fave one acting technique over the other, but I think they all have helpful ways to get you to be sincere on camera or on stage. And I think his Jim. You thought it was helpful. It's very practical, I, but I'm a very technical actor, but you studied the Atlantic. I studied his way. I studied, ma'am. It and I, I wasn't in the Atlantic theater company in New York. They have a section in NYU, but you know, there's still Adler, which is all imagination. And is there. Yeah, it's a still Adler. No. In within NYU they have pockets? Yeah, in all of those places. So it was through NYU, but I was in a study group called cap, twenty one, which was primarily music based, but they studied Stanislavsky and Mamat and Adler and encourage you to study it. Yeah. And they say, pick what works for you. I don't think there's one way to do it. Some people don't know how to act at all, and they're fucking brilliant. And you don't want to tell them how to act because they're already doing it, you know. But what about what if you really, but but I believe that's true. You know, just from my own experience, but also there are some actors that you know challenge themselves with characters that are far above and beyond anything that they could necessarily relate to. And that takes a different level of craft. Yeah, that's why you want a toolbox with all those tools because maybe what David Mamat teaches something more practical is going to work for you. Maybe Meisner is, you know, Meisner is the one where you sit and you just say, Hello. Hello? Hello. And you key. And each other back and forth. And then till you find something, maybe that's going to work, maybe Adler is going to work. I think you just have to have a toolbox to know all of them and then pick what works for you can do serious and and funny I can try well, my first job ever out here was a guest star on the shield at its height trick was uh-huh. What I was a girl that was captured by gang and then raped and then tattooed on the face. Wasn't as funny as it sounds hoary. So do you should do? I'm surprised that didn't get like a spin off that care, just that character a sitcom. Yeah. And then I did the first season of dead wood. So a lot of that stuff is really dramatic. I didn't fall into comedy until after I did for remember remember, I do. I do. I do remember all of a sudden you were the comedy girl and before that you weren't? Yeah, I get. Well, I guess you do when you explain it like them market is do remember it. I'm serious. I like I knew you were around before, but like it was like saving with Sarah. Marshall. Forget forgetting have saving Sarah Marshall war movie like very romantic ending. But like then you're like this comedy person. Yeah..

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