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Well the good news is that fixed annuities are an important part of your portfolio and Anthony Perry can teach you all about fix the news and also point out the best fixed annuities available to you thanks to new user backed by large highly rated insurance companies they give you safety like a CD but they're better because the interest rate is higher and you have a lot more access to your money this more liquidity Anthony Perry's a CPA he's got impeccable credentials and he's been working here in South Florida for over a quarter of a century he's been a leader and a positive force in the community an adviser to the city of coral springs help them or triple a credit ratings and served as an adviser to the Broward county school board adult education committee as well Anthony Perry is offering a fixed annuity through the very financial group that pays six percent per year to build up your lifetime income base with a two percent interest bonus upon opening that's a darn good deal maybe art and talking about it he does his own radio program called safe money talk radio on Saturdays at eleven o'clock but if you didn't and you'd like to talk to him just call this toll free number is eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven that's eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven and on the web it's Perry financial dot com that's every within I don't forget to mention the choice center you want to pay for your kids college tuition but you have no idea how to afford around look into getting a five twenty nine savings plan there are tax benefits and your money has the potential to grow faster and remember the sooner you start saving the better brought to you by fidelity investments fees matter at fidelity you'll know what your paying and why visit fertility dot com slash value to invest with zero trade offs the daily brokerage services NYSE SIPC do.

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