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Martinez, ROY halladay and Mike Mussina there. The newest members of the baseball hall of fame became the first player to be unanimously voted into the hall, again Mariann Edgar ROY and Mike all hall of famers. Couple of other baseball notes as drubel Cabrera signs with the Texas Rangers and Nick is signs with the Atlanta Braves quickly to football the Kansas City Chiefs fire defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton. All right to the NBA. We go where we had four games. Tuesday, timber wolves beat the Suns one 1891 Karl Anthony towns at twenty five points, eighteen rebounds, and seven assists. Meanwhile, the Mavericks get twenty from Harrison Barnes that beat the clippers one oh six ninety eight thunder over the blazers won twenty three one fourteen Paul George at thirty six Damian Lillard at thirty four in the loss. Kyle Lowry at nineteen points and nine assists. Raptors beat the kings one twenty one zero five Toronto. Now thirty six and thirteen on the season. College basketball. Plenty of upsets inside the top twenty five number sixteen. Auburn goes on the road. They lose it. South carolina. Eighty seventy seven number fourteen. Texas Tech loses a Kansas state fifty eight forty five number fourteen. Buffalo loses for just the second time this season a late basket from northern Illinois. And northern Illinois wins it seventy seven seventy five number twenty old miss. They lose at Alabama's seventy four fifty three. Number two, Duke beat pits. Seventy nine sixty four number three Virginia over Wake Forest, sixty eight forty five number five Michigan now eighteen and one they were a basket better than Minnesota fifty nine fifty seven also wins for Kentucky and vila-nova on the ice sharks. Beat the capitals and overtime seven six Coyote score three to win and Ottawa over the senators Blackhawks beat the islanders shootout. Three two two Red Wings three to over the Oilers and in overtime the flames beat the hurricanes. Three two. I'm Jay Berman. We've moved chattels you could out here. CBS sports radio on Sirius XM channel two. Oh, six..

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