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Attack about a lawsuit on your hey you're talking about oil had our lutely is about criminal charges and a lawsuit and you're going to lose your job and probably end up in jail now if it all works out then it's great and it makes for a great story in penthouse forum yeah but the problem is is this not a matter of if it's a matter of winds sooner or later you're gonna do it to the wrong person that's what i would think saying you know they in one of these cases one hundred in eighty cases apparently of this according to the the the report published in buzzfeed uh there was one franchise located just outside philadelphia they had a former therapist there who is accused in at least nine cases he had done this on at least nine women in so it just gets me a wondering how communism i've heard people tell stories about this stuff it i'm just like any of gbp i've heard guys you know tell their tall tayeb the massage with a happy ending so to speak in i use the analogy yesterday to me it's a lot more tall tales regarding the uh the champagne room at the strip everybody has some big story about what happens in the champagne roman the the reality is that to me anyway nothing happens of the champagne rome absolutely nothing people just making stuff up as they go along to me that's brought out when i would hear the stories about the hankypanky in the massage therapist the place and it to me it just sounded like a bunch of tall tales but i i just trying to get to the bottom of whether or not this is i guess cia more common than i thought it was uh because apparently it is i mean a hundred and eighty cases that's a i can tell you right now let's about a hundred and eighty more cases morkonmana was nate nate just assume he almost like people or sexual beings night i just assume this is something that never happened so anyway two six seven one two three have you ever gone for a massage at massage envy or anywhere else.

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