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I want to say. Thank you to all our new listeners from greece brazil and finland and i also want to recognize sylvia kerensky for all the information. She shirt to help me. Produce this podcast. I want to start out by saying that this month. We celebrate to jewish holidays russia. Shana in yom kapoor russia. Shana marks the beginning of the jewish year on the full. The holiday members of immediate family gathered together to the beginning of the year with a meal following that evening. There are two days on the holiday when people do not perform any labor janka poor in fact it is more of a holy day than a festival because it is the days when the jews are commanded to torture their souls. The main command is fasting so from the evil janka poor until three stars come out the next night. In the first segment will provide a summary on the first jewish settlement to you from colonial times juice emigrating to cuba from the declining of the empire to the departure of jews from cuba after the cuban revolution of nineteen fifty-nine in the second segment. Our guest markle's koerbel a distinguished international banker and university professor consultant in community leader doses. About why and how. His jewish parents and grandparents ended up immigrating to cuba. Markle was born in cuba and raised in la levinas one of a quarter neighborhood throughout the interview. He tells us how he lived. His life as a cuban jew when castro took possession of by nineteen fifty nine markle's immigrated to the united states. We operation pero bunk. I hope you enjoy this edsel. Please stay tuned. And we'll be right back. Have you heard about anchor. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain is free the creation tool that allows you to record an edit. Your podcast right. From your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership is everything you need to make podcast in one place. Download your free anchor app or go to anchor that f. n. To get started. Jewish settlement in cuba the first jewish inhabitants were known as morales in fifty eight. The bishop of cuba wrote to spain declaring that every ship back in havana was filled with hebrews new christians. These were jews recently converted to christianity in fifteen o to inquisition proceedings. Began against the merano's in cuba. The secret juice of cuba arranged for trade between the thirteen colonies. And the use of jamaica barbados and other caribbean islands. This unable the colonies to sell goods and by military and civilian supplies. The spanish constitution of sixty nine removed all restrictions on the settlement of juice in latin america and at that time over five honda spanish jews engaging commerce in cuba and five to six jewish families were amongst the wealthiest in cuba jews were among the founders of the commercial king sugar fields and the first refineries in eighteen sixty two through eight thousand ninety five many american us join cubans in their fight for independence. The first jewish cemetery in cuba was established by the united states. Army for the american jewish soldiers who died during the spanish american war in eighteen ninety eight in nineteen six. The cemetery were sold to the united hebrew congregation primarily by american jews. Most of the members of this congregation which was later named temple. Beth israel where americans who fall in cuba or came from key west and other parts of southern florida. After the end of the war between nineteen too many sephardi jews began to come to cuba amongst them young turks who had participated in the earlier revolt against the sultan of the ottoman empire other cames from mexico north africa and the mirrored iranian. They spoke spanish and had olive complexion and blend that well with the rest of the population. Anti-semitism was nonexistent in cuba which was mainly because cubans remember the part. I'm juice played in the fight for independence in one thousand nine. Twenty ashkenazis began to come to cuba. They were considered german nationals. In fact they open up businesses such a strike cleaner groceries textile which bore names such as bizarre alleman berlin or hamburg after they settle. They build their own synagogue. There was little socializing between the sephardic and ashkenazi groups but they maintain friendly relations as well some intermarriage between individuals of both groups one of the factors contributing to the failure to achieve unity. In the ashkenazi. Rank was different origins. The earlier wave of immigrants came mainly from russia and poland. The immigrants of the nineteen thirties and the pulse world war two period came from austria in germany. The most notable exceptions to the divisiveness of cuban use was evans during the period of virulent anti-semitist semitism between nineteen thirty. Eight in thousand nine hundred forty which coincided with the worst outrageous against the jews.

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