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Scholarship that i do what i do and when i'm offering all of you in this very difficult time because frankly there are many prophecies that say that human race is the old humanity has my teacher osho used to say is trying to commit auto suicide notion was your india mystic wasn't yes i went and took son disciple hood from him in nineteen eighty and beginning to write about those experiences indeed with what's going on with net flicks and the wild wild country i was there i know those people personally and that's a whole other story to get into but what i've learned from that is that you what was needed now more than ever is an ability for people to step back from all the noise back from all the fears and simply via cool witness osho had a prediction in nineteen ninetythree that seems to be coming true he talked about how there was gonna be this time of great chaos even nuclear explosions would return as a threat and he said there's no there's no noah's ark for us to get on to get off he talked about the climate all of that way back then but there is an arc the noah's ark of consciousness and that arc is in seated in your heart it is you it is is just a divine spark that we've forgotten or we got ourselves loss in the identity of of a big time religions and making us worship the imaginary friends like god or this and that when in fact god is godliness already i contend we're not about belief we're about experimentation don't believe anything i've said only if you explore it and it resonates with you is it worth and then you don't need to believe because then you will know so my my invitation that i gave four years ago i'd like to give again if you resonate with what i'm saying i will freely offer you information and leads and you can explore these meditations that i've used since nineteen eighty and what you need to do is just go to hope prophecy.

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