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Okay. So from Courtney, I'm going to be honest. I have never wants to watch an episode of the hills. I started listening to the podcast few weeks ago because I love wells. I'm not sure if it would be redundant. But would you be able to do an episode where you do a rundown on the main points of the original series? I'm familiar with some of the main characters like Spencer, Heidi Lauren, Whitney, but other than that. I don't know much. I think on our I'm at the beginning of the podcasts. Maybe the first episode episode two or three we do talk about like the main points of the hills. But we can definitely do this next week. Do some more may thirteenth perfect. From taylor. We have different scenarios, but my father, and I have not spoken in almost six months over the fact that I would stay with my boyfriend who lives out of the state keep in mind. I'm twenty years old. And my dad has called me an unpaid called me an unpaid hor and just a body for someone to have sex with I told him I need an apology and have got nothing. He at one point took my car for me. And is now no longer supporting me WI finished nursing school. Stephanie is not alone with parents who have let her down. Oh my God Taylor. That's that's really awful. I'm so sorry. Really sorry. I I'm not teddy. But I think you've done the right thing by cutting by daddy. I think those are really vile things to say, yeah, I think you know, as long as she said to him. You know, I understand that you disagree with what I'm doing. But absolutely does not call for saying those things to me the letter things I would not say to anybody ever. So. And you can say that about your daughter is messed up, but Taylor also like how awesome are you that you're still going to put yourself through nursing school right that you've maintained your relationship and your moving forward and talking about it like best is yet to come Taylor. Okay. This one's from Aaron. How did it come to be that Michel Barton is on the hills? I feel like the new hills has enough fans that we would have watched without a new person. And if anything that that kind of turned me off from the idea of a revival did she know any of the cast already or did producers just randomly throw her in. Did she ask to be on it? I'm so confused. Okay. So Brody, and I've known me show for a long time like party as in our twenties and stuff and. MTV was talking to a lot of girls to see like just to get more cast just, you know, more fun, and they chose Michel which I was super excited about because I love her. But I think people are confused. They didn't bring me shut barn on to replace Lauren. Conrad. She's not coming on to be the narrator or the star of the show. She's just simply coming on to join us as a group of friends frame make sense. From Lindsey when the show aired. I thought Stephanie was an alcoholic and had stopped drinking. It was a whole storyline. Was that fake? Also, what happened to low it'd be fun to do aware? They now with all the old cast. No. That was that was not fake. But actually, it was drugs that I was getting help for and an a narcotics anonymous, I feel bad saying this. But I don't really like it. I felt way more support and learned way more in a so I chose to go to AA classes while D league with you know. Coming off drugs. And again with my therapists. So I've never had an alcohol problem. I wish I like the taste more because I loving tipsy and a little bit drunks. And it was so fun. But yeah. Okay. And then they couldn't even drink the wine on the wine trip. I ended up getting a vodkas. And then what happened to low? Low was we kept in touch for a really long time. Low just moved back to LA..

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