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McGowan Group, joined by co host Alex to lean head of client development. An excellent technical trader, a market maker from the 19 nineties who's come over to the good side fiduciary side of the business. All right, Alex. What's the first headline that you want to cover Vaccine round? Ah, What does that mean? By the way, means all Americans vaccinated by late June or at least most of us, right? I think you just don't want to do that. Um, but, uh, what does that mean for markets? I think this is gonna be a pretty big positive. I think that's why the markets surprising it and now they built it in really fast. He did groups not so fast. That may be the beginning. Point of 2021. Yes. All right, so White House coronavirus Testing's Our admiral Bret Jura. I have. Ah, I have a cousin named is every wall. Is that really how you pronounce it? Yeah, it's actually a a nephew. Nephew in law. I guess your wa Is the way his way say that all Americans be inoculated. By late June. And the reason I called it Vaccine round up is that South Park episode where the parents were objecting, and so they corralled the kids buy it. My cattle? Yeah, all there all the all the parents in South Park. It told him don't get vaccinated, So they had to round them up and then stick him and they're they're running around this big corral vaccine after okay? 20 million vaccines by the first week in January. That's now okay. Another 30 million the rest of January 50 million in February. Wow! You got that adds up pretty quick. Ah, and then 100 million down the list. But we've had clients had told us. Hey, they already heard from CVS. Come get it. Wow. Right. They did an age sword and said, OK, you're entitled to be in this round and we get paid a lot of money by the government. So yeah, that Z, underscoring the value of Medical and dividends, right? There won't be transparency in that pricing rehab. You race. Yeah, That's why the covert death rate has been questioned by some. Yeah, yeah. All right now, price of your house, Alex. Up 8.4%. They spiked the highest since 2014 all the just think it's funny. How they came up with a date. You know? Spiked higher than it did last week. I don't know. I mean, this was well the highest the highest home appreciation. You know the trend being if you have to stay home might as well Have a nice best there, right? You're not going to go on a cruise. So you're gonna probably upgrade the house. You got money burning a hole in your pocket because you're not going on the cruise. Okay, so the top trends this is in the charts and graphs. On it relates to the housing directly to the housing The 10 Year Treasury this week a 100.94% Right? Yeah. So that's that's half of where? Ah, essentially, it started the year right, But zero is the new money market. T bills or 0.7, right? So if somebody wanted to do better than a money market, we put it in or non managed account. They can roll T bills. Right matures. And Yeah, we can. We can do that. But that's 0.7. For most people. It's not worth the trouble. Rather have it. Liquid in case of bargain shows up Ah and One of the bargain categories. The floating rate loan funds are still providing above 3% with limited duration risk, right, so the and limited duration risking really no interest rate risk. So if you get a a move in in the rate Have some inflation or something moves on on the short end, although I think they do pretty good job, a Cuban and down for a while. Yeah, the rate recess. You get paid more. Well, let's let's let's talk about that. Okay. The danger is a credit freeze happened in 2015, Okay? Happened in 2000 and eight so therefore are added value is if you hold the floating rate loan funds into managed account if they dropped by more than 3%. That's the yield So we just get out because that's the canary in the coal mine for the credit markets, and we saw that in February that led us that provided cash. To add to the best global high yield the best medical dividends during the pandemic during the shutdown, right second quarter All right. There is a huge frenzy and we're going to go through some of the pricings of these companies. It is an I P o frenzy. That's an initial public offering the investment bankers groom accompany so they can sell it into the market so they can offer you shares right. They did it with Facebook. And Facebook turned out to be good. But it took 18 months for Facebook to actually get back to it. Its price as it is a face plant and then Facebook. Yes. So on the I P o frenzy. Have you got it in front of you? Yeah, I'm I'm I'm pulling it up. Okay? I'm going down the list that I show, weren't you there? No, I got a bigger so here if we, uh if we take the 20 biggest I pose Who who are the top? Who are the top Ah, I pose Or yeah, for the list. At 10. I pose in 2020 and what we do that Okay? Warner Music group. Hey, W M G deal size was 1.93 billion, Okay, It's 143 times. Earnings. Yeah, just saying us market cap Now is some of 17 billion. Yep. And Wow. Yeah. Lee Otto. As China. China China. Yes. Did you know Lee Ottos never made money? I'm not surprised. Never they? Yeah, Their losses hit minus 41 cents per share. And 2019. That was a record loss for him. So they took it public and 2020 OK, every time snowflake. Snowflake. Yeah, that's a big one. Deal size 3.36 billion Current market cap. 93 billion, Okay, I wanted to cover how much money snowflake makes. Okay. Okay, Snowflake, Um The reason I think they went public is they were able to double their laws from 2019. They lost 64 cents. Ah, and at the height of insanity here in the high post. They sold snowflake into the market. Ah, at a,.

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