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You can't turn the ball over and you have to build to make big plays. The Rams are who we thought they were going to be there. An exciting football team. Their quarterback is getting better. They can throw ball, they can run it. They got a good offensive line. Their one weakness is just perimeter pass rushes. They don't have an elite pass rusher. They got good players, but just not great ones. They got great ones on the inside, but can they get a constant pass rush from the outside? That's the only question Mark that I see on this team is in the second game. Jared Goff has looked. Like year to Jared Goff, and I've been saying if he plays at that level, yeah. Is the best team in the NFL like they have they the aside from that exterior pass rusher to good point by CC, but they have. I mean, they have a plus players at so many. They have an A-plus running back in a wide receiver and cokes good complementary receivers and Cooper Cup and Robert woods. They have an a, an a minus corner and Peter's and a keep to leave an a plus linemen in Aaron Donald. Andrew, Whitworth was an all pro last year. That's their left tackle like you and I think excellent schematic advantages wage, Wade Phillips on defense and Sean McVay on offense that you would think that someone couldn't match Sean McVay because what he's doing offense, I believe he's really, really special people are giving him a lot of tension, everything for his memory, but you memories no good. If you don't have the type of talent that you can orchestrate the way he's doing the play action, pass the creativity in Brandon. Cook added to this offense. It's amazing how much better he is than mentioned and Sammy Watkins all and how they're taking advantage of where he wasn't New England as if McVay talked to Josh mcdaniels and said, I'm going to pick up right where he when he was starting to get hot. If he doesn't get knocked out of the Super Bowl, I believe New England wins in the way he played the last eight games of the season pick right up there in Los Angeles there with the Rams. What was the only question Mark about this Rams team was how their worst now is we're gonna mashing if they were able to, if Wade Phillips can control everybody and so far it's been quiet. Infinite listen, if they're winning, that's not going to be a problem at all. Like guardless we haven't heard any rumblings or anything from giving me the most talented players. People talk about what about locker room? Chemistry me. Give me good. We'll work it out. You think that chiefs talk about what would want more because Peter's back giving what their defense looking like in by the way. One other note from this game, Josh Rosen might be the next rookie quarterback to get a start soon. Sam, Bradford looks. He looked. As bad as you can look and NFL game yesterday and their their season since we get away from ready. So my guess is this, we'll talk about Josh Rosen starting sentenced stressed about last year's bone same night taking, hey, let's talk chiefs and Steelers. Kansas City was looking for the first one in Pittsburgh in thirty years. Patrick Mahomes was going to need to play a near perfect game in order for that to happen. And he did six touchdown passes. He's now got ten in two games that's an NFL record as the chiefs beat. The Steelers on the road Mahomes throwing more touchdown passes than incompletions yesterday, not bad for a quarterback in his third NFL start here is after the game, never expected to have ten touchdowns this point in the season, but I knew what this offense and the weapons that we had in the scheme. Coach read drawing that we had a chance to be really, really good and that the possibilities are endless. I mean, we could really come out every single we can score points. It's all about me getting the ball into those playmakers hands. And you saw. Today, they're breaking tackles and scoring points. Cici talked me a little about Patrick Mahomes how much of it was the adrenaline and being there and playing the Steelers and how much of it was, hey, he's a really good guy who's gonna make some stakes just hasn't made that many in the first two week..

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