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Mtl to first of all tuesday and the mysterious night attend our south florida morning. Show gen bill diener over there and getting ready for mysterious to ten hour. That's pop up here. We loved the nine to ten hour because we talked about stuff. Never talk about but diener had this big tease and my theory is. It's his team that won because he never would be bringing it up. I don't know you never know. I don't even know where to go to find. The results of the south korean baseball playoffs were abc's was as called the world series. Is that what they call it. Yeah okay now if you miss this. Throughout the pandemic started following south korean baseball because baseball no sports were happening so we had to find something to do we all like assigned ourselves teams right like you had the dyno's dino's whatever that is and jen had the deuce on bears I had the twins. I forget what karen had The samsung lions and they stunk really bad. But we didn't know anything. Obviously if we did we'd be. I guess sports sedans but we didn't know anything about korean baseball or what. The teams are doing on them. How good they were. We just basically just picked him. Police found out. Jen's bears won the world series. There were the defending champs. Weren't that's after the fact i mean. I just picked him. Because i liked the name. I picked it because i like the dino dinosaurs. So i picked was the story so apparently the results are in no keep it. This has gone on so long. We've had a whole major league baseball season. All football entire pandemic and entire pandemic. While this whole thing's been going on and it's finally wrapped on yup. We put a lid on the twenty twenty south korean baseball season just a few minutes ago because the world series or whatever they just ended now it came. That's how we got to learn. I guess down to the bears in the daigneault's it's right and who one. Yeah end up coming down just again by chance. That jen stein was facing my team. I'm scrolling through twitter a little bit ago. I always look for news on twitter. While we're talking and i just came across the video. You want me to say yes. I had one. I can't cross the video of the. Nc dyno's celebrating their korean series champ. Tonight show you. The only reason he brought it up it would have been buried bears. Shut up you cheated you did. I don't know yet so you get the you booby prize series. Hobbling the steve defending champs. That's right yes that's right. The bears are going for a repeat. And you know what the daigneault's they over th. They overcame adversity. They were down to one. They worked out us and it came back trophy. Because it tells you guys the trophy went. Hey sorry trophy was a giant. Now you know you've seen obviously american sports trophies like the world series has all the pennant flags of all teams. Well the korean series. They have a giant sword. It's just a giant sword sword a medieval like world of warcraft type of sword. And it's it's like six feet tall. This thing is unbelievable bigger than most of the players and it has jewels inside really and there were picking it up. There were swinging around the. This is incredible my nc diagnose. What is just so funny. Because again we had no idea what these teams were who they were they were any good and our teams ended up playing each other world series. But sorry jen my diners. Were just a little bit better. Came back get this. The last two games of the series were both wins for the niners. Are both shut outs. Three to nothing at five to nothing. Wow so diener you better send a christmas card to woo koo shang mall. That's my guy. He was the pitcher. Did he have a like a grand was the winning pitcher was one in one of the series the the winner of the three nothing game. The other night was a song young. He's my fantasy team actually. Of course he is. God love him. All right it's good baseball. Though it is we picked a good league. I liked the. I like the fact that they have mascots. So did they win. In six games they were down to one and then they won three straight games or three. I'm sorry because it heads because the twenty-third with this is the most difficult thing to follow the breaking down the game to god. Yeah know the game. The game early today was her four two. They won the last three games. Oh wow so. They went through so that game series. It was Was saturday it was that friday with three. Nothing sunday was five. Nothing and then Four to okay. Let me just ask this one question. Sure did my wuhan bears winning. Would you have been as excited to reveal who the winner was absolutely not horribly disappointed. Dina always he only the inner. He's the one that always reveals bad sports news. He's the one that told me that year brady was leaving. I did. I hear the news from espn fox. Forty brady himself which i would have appreciated. Tom heard it from stephen. Diener was all my fault. And i remember it too. Because i think we've was seen patrick's day pandemic was just starting by year ever all my gosh. We should've known correct. My mouth was a six game series. One four to the donald for four to six game series. So case anyways out there saying this guy's an idiot doesn't want to add four plus to six game series stuff to read it. Is the only team. One team gets a little sword for coming in second. No no little sore. No no dagger but i remember that because we i saw it during the segment. Actually we were on the air and those scrolling through because we probably going to bring and you go and say that in and he goes into like deep depression nine months and that's right thanks. I could've come on during the air. And said i'm like i can't do this. The ball on i waited we went to break. I'm sorry blame it. So i appreciate that Yeah great oh yeah. And now i got the nc dinelson top of time shot off so this is how it goes. Today's day. I finally have it straightened out so song. E ooh hoo changmo the two previous pitchers today who was the winning pitcher de risky from cleveland. We beat the bears are alcon tara. Okay don't those are not korean names at all either. The they went with the foreigners for the championship game here on the line. He resents winning pitcher guy. Funny that's hilarious. Relations diener the last time i hear about it hits in his win. When do they start again tomorrow. Winter training begins so that that puts a rap on the twenty twenty south korean baseball saga now the pandemic and end. That's right. yes can end. We can go back to regular baseball. That lasts twelve months good for them though that they had season. Yeah they they got the whole thing in there. I remember the first ones who actually Started i mean there were the first major sports organization in the world. I believe they come back during the pandemic. That's that's how we found out about it. That's right van in the story that we get sick of marble racing. That's when you found them. Never get ever. I like the red ones so much better than all the other ones. I always cheer for the red marble here. Just saying the love it all right so.

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