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Brought to you by northwestern basketball. Coach Collins and northwestern basketball returned to the new whilst Ryan arena this winter to host Michigan Indiana and more season in single game tickets on sale now and you sports dot com, and you sports dot com. Tales from the hood stories of sports entertainment everything else in between. We'll hear from Nick bell on the NBA coming up at the top of the hour. Now from now, we'll have Tuesday rustling Tuesday will hip Jason Powell from pro wrestling dot net. Also talk about oh, Randy wrestling organization. That's gonna get kicked off in Jacksonville, Florida. We'll talk about that in an hour from now right here on ESPN one thousand in studio with me here at the first midwest Bank studio, it is from WGN CI's morning, right. And really the voice of the show. It is Leon Rogers and Leon is with us here on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app is always my man. I appreciate your time. Thanks for coming on. How are you man? I'm blessed by the best, man. I cannot complain. It's been beautiful been getting mad love since the digital podcast mommy's checked it out live out of town Maso. Everything's good. Can't complain. I want to get your thoughts on a couple of things. First of all, let me and my daughter's not hanging out our Kelly. Ask you. That could have been a text message right now. Out. I want to get your thoughts about what happened on lakefront on Sunday with the bears and eagles. I saw your immediate reaction. And that's what I want to say about because I was on Disney radio. I'm not I want to say some of 'em bitch. Really disappointed. What happened? Oh post. So you were trained in that way. Anyways. All do fingertip deal was help you going that direction problem. I had with the bears. Listen, should we the score more points than that? Absolutely. As one of the things that I thought would be the downfall of the bad when it came time the playoffs. Could for biscuit offense, put points on the board. I thought a lot this year that it was smoking mirrors. Let's do the little jet sleeps. And that's fine creative ways to get to record the ball. But at the end of the day, I get mad at. Mitch Trubisky because I'm not all I wasn't Orlando. And I'm still kind of shaky but he didn't play well enough to win the game. But he didn't lose it either. Right. So it's kind of like plain Jane right in the middle. But when when to Rico and got the ball on a kick return and got got it close. He made the throws he needed to make to put them infield, go position and Cody pocket. You got one job. Rex Rex Ryan said you got one job man, make the cake. That's how you try for. You. Don't have to do anything else all year. You don't have to sit in meetings. Anything just go and kick and make the kick the bears defense. Kind of let me down with the late score with the lace score. You know, I hate to say and people are gonna get mad. But you know, when you're making the money that Khalil Mack is making aspect you to be a difference in the play offs. I expect you to call wreck havoc. You know, Nick just goes to show you that was the team. I was scared of I was scared of Philadelphia get into the playoffs for that reason. Because Nick foles is gonna be unbothered. They did it last year. That's how they did it last year them and the saints. I think is going to be very difficult to go into New Orleans and beat drew Brees Sean Payton, but Philly was a team. That's me. I actually wanted to best rest starters lose the Vikings. So they can just kick the ass right because they own cut. Right. They own them. But I'm looking forward to the future young team. Nice little mix. If you can keep everybody. I think I think we can have a stronghold on NFC north because Green Bay is going to be in transition, and I just don't believe in Kirk cousins period and Detroit is Detroit. I just saw foreclosure, there's usually I just think Cam. Two months ago. I was like even get a house. House for one one penny. Shout out to Keith Urquhart. From Detroit bite out of foreclosure, you can own all the Detroit for one sense. I I was I was saying the other day that tomorrow is not promised in the NFL. Like you want to catch in the bottle? If you can't right now like the Cowboys are doing so I'm just hoping that because what happened this year, then it can transfer to next year because you don't know if there's going to be a key injury. You don't know if Trubisky takes a step back. That's why this year was important while you're playing so basically what you're saying. Big bro is keep that same energy. They gotta keep that same energy going in and especially on the defensive side of the ball. I just feel like the defense is going to carry this team to Trubisky gets there. And like I said, I think Nagy's going to have to come up with something new is going to it's going to end up being not so much Nagy's play calling. But we really have to find out his Trubisky to quarterback we drafted up for him to be because at the end of the day. You're going in the playoffs. You have to make throws that are just not gonna be there. You have to create. Magic like the greats. Do like drew Brees Tom Brady like Aaron Rodgers do. They create throws. They throw people open and you're gonna have to make throws and right now from the eye test. You know, I'm not all the way in right, but I do see flashes of brilliance when you use his legs, you know? And but the whole college office thing man at the end of the day, you gotta be able to sit back there. And just throw that thing. Like, it ain't no no tricks and gadgets, we catch up with that. Excellent man. I'm baltimore. Right. The charges like, okay. We're just gonna put seventy Bs out here. You can't outrun. All no, you won't have to throw this ball. And if you look at even to Shawn Watson, Indianapolis did like cool. We'll give up those little five and ten yards. But when you're getting that red zone, we don't make you throw this ball. You gotta beat us with your arm. And I think Trubisky has the potential, but I'm not super sold. Let me ask you about something. I solve the holidays because I had a lot of time off a couple of weeks off the air. Right. 'cause we have bowl games. Preempted? I was minding my own business going through and all of a sudden, I get the destined legend, I get to Leon Rogers. And there you are in your man cave for like hour plus talking about Cardi B versus. Yeah. And and I was captivated because I was just like it was a whole bunch of people around me, this company, family, whatever, and I just got off to a little room, and I'll just watch the whole thing, and you invited people in on your on your. But can't talk a little bit about what that's like on your station on your social media because there seems to be a great divide between the two right? Absolutely. So what what's the what what were you saying about Nicki Menaj that people disagree with? Here's what. Well, not people the barbs. Let's get it straight. Because there's some people that agree with me. But she has a fan base called the Bob's like beyond say has the beehive. Like riana has the navy, and these people are maniacal when you say something against they they go in or you. I was called all types of 'em Evers and everything all my page and the one girl from Italy who jumped on when I got to give a shot off forget her name, but she had a legitimate discussion. And this is all I say, let's have a legitimate discussion. Don't call me yelling at me. So the thing about Cardi B A Nicki Menaj this Nicki Menaj was on top for the past eight years and the hip hop community as far as a female and rat. There was nobody touching nobody that you know, had the. Panache to challenge. Her throng. Now comes this little girl from the Bronx strip, you know, not highly educated cute, but hood gin famous offer I g she makes it on the show, but she's talking about doing music nobody believes in her. And then the next thing, you know, she drops bodak yellow, go Cray. Everything goes crazy and from there. All right. Well, she dropped their one song. What else can she do? She puts out an album. That's absolutely decent is nominated for five Grammies, and she's likable. She's just the girl next door little bit who for my taste. I wish he cleaned it up a little bit. Because now you're not that girl anymore. You gotta clean it up a little bit. But she endeared herself to everybody because I can go outside on any block in the city of Chicago and find that girl whereas Nikki being on top for so long. And you know, I'm the Queen. I'm anointed I'm the Queen of hip pop. I wear Balenciaga where people kinda fell out with. And then when that thrown got challenged it seems like. Nikki got a little bit mad that she wasn't number one anymore. But here's what I was saying. I was like. Nicki Menaj is like I Connie five ship goes when you tell the story of hip hop. You're going to have to talk about Nikki Menards. Like are you like an atop thirty five MC? Mickey can flow. Right. If you write some lyrics down on paper, minus all at the actress like I run around around. All right. She got bars. Right. But what the barbs can't get out their mind. I was like I didn't say Cardi B was a better MCI. I'm saying right now, she's more likable, and that does matter in in anything like you doing what you do me doing. What you do? How many times have we run across radio personalities who are big at the top of their game. But the whole right that takes away from their likeability. So all I was saying about nNcholas Nicholson is that I interview when she first started was Cardi B, but not as ghetto, right? She always had a composure by herself. But as she got on and on and on I'm the sugar, Honey, iced tea, and y'all know that and then her fans get behind her. And you know, they go crazy. And so now when her album doesn't make number one and Travis Scott album x number one. She goes in on this rant about. Well. You know, you get a free copy of this CD if you buy sweatshirt what does call marketing. Right everybody. Does that right? Should you know, don't get mad about it? You still finished number two, and you still are relevant impact. It's not like we stopped talking about you. But the whole patent win. Jay z says, it's respected. But it's how Jay z says it always say Kanye west is is brilliant dog people can say what they want to. But when he's yelling and screaming. Nobody listens. Right. But when he when he literally calms down, and he talks some of the stuff he says is valid when he will start to you in the morning. Whoop. Did. He scoop poop did he pool? Right. So so I guess Nicki Menaj fans could not get across the point that I was saying I'm not saying that I don't like Nikki midnight. I feel the music the last bit of music that she put out wasn't on par with some of the other stuff. I like from her. There was a few tracks on there..

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