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He's just such a comic's comic and a guy that also doesn't rely on he doesn't do talk show sets he doesn't have to he just he tours. The people know they're going to see a great show and they come back and they bring friends the next time they see him. That's the way to do it. And that's what I love about like the purest stand up comedians. In a way they're sort of impervious to this whole like social media culture. You've got to put your stuff and it's like no. They don't do it but it's more out of like because I'm bored. I hate doing social media. I hate doing the instagram. And if people are weird I yeah I I don't like it man. It's just people are going to know where you are. GonNa find me what I'm going to tell you everything. Get Out of here. Yeah and we're taking away thinking from people. Well not only that but I think the idea that social media really drives engagement in the real world. I think we're I think. Hopefully we have learned like it doesn't it doesn't matter how much you live tweet. Us show. It doesn't matter how many times you say on social media you're going to be a city. A tiny percentage of people be like. Oh I saw on twitter that you usually you talk about one hundred times you do a town and then a day later like when you come into Denver. I was just there. I didn't know. Yeah that's my. That's exactly a man huge fan. When you come in you. Fuck you fucking idiot. I was just there no big Fan. Dick really aggressive with the fame. And you'll get a little jerk. How dare you not share you anyway? Thanks for coming your next time. We'll see anyway month. Yeah so do you want to do email list at all anything we don't do. I don't even I hide out in the green room after the shows to what what fascinates me is that the fact that and this I think is antithetical to sort of our modern digital culture. Is that terrestrial? Radio does work. It does like I find when I go into a market. If there's a handful of tickets left and I do a morning radio show that people listen to it. Moves that last Trumka tickets like there's still real power in traditional media maybe for you maybe for you know. I don't know I I don't like doing it because I feel like those guys don't know who I like. Most of the time my my head is nobody knows who I am. That's how I that's how my world is. Maybe it's a healthy place to come from though maybe because in my head it's like nobody knows who you are. You going to walk into these stations. They're gonNA stare at you and then they're going to treat you like a jerk and then they're gonNA they're gonna ask you the fucking most annoying question. You can ask a comic so we'll could people expect from your show comedy. Show what do you? What do you hope to expect a lot of a lot of tears and sadness? I'm pioneering stand up tragedy and so a lot of sad story. Everyone goes home but most people statistics. Laugh at me because there are some shows that you go on and they want you to. They WANNA say forbids. And it's like I don't really. I'm not trying to do funny. You should ask. I'm just trying to like we talk. We could see what was it should ask. It was that other Byron our show. Oh out kicking it. No that's wasn't it wasn't kicking at one. There was another one before that. Oh the OH comics. Comics unleashed unleashed. Is that it. Yeah so I I hear you were just in Columbus Ohio interesting. I was as a matter of fact you know what I noticed about. Gas Stations like somehow take a turn but I guess it's just part of the lazy to me. Yeah and I'm Lazy Lazy and I'm going to be lazy. We're just GONNA sit here staring at each other but you but you can riff and not. Everyone is a river in that sort of hard to explain. Sometimes we just talk about whatever and we'll just make fun because we're in the moment and we're having a conversation. They don't know how to do that. They go oh we have. We should have a talking point. Oh No it doesn't need to. You don't need that you don't need that I can tell you from the other side of it though. Having I worked on radio in the ninety s and it is you do have to fill a lot of time. Not everyone can do what you do in a room and so they just. It's sort of like how you used to go on talk shows even if you were doing a couch segment. It was almost it was to screw. It was to you like this. And then you say this. Oh my God. This is like an acting exercise. Now this isn't like you know what bothers me about that because I feel like that all turn turn to that in the nineties because when you watch old carson it's amazing dude like guys just show up and like beyond the show and they would just talk like a podcast they would just like Johnny made it fun and like you say they were genuinely enjoy each other. You Watch Dean Martin and those guys and when they would hang out on the roads or the Dean Martin show that late night show would just drop in and hang out and it was just fun. It was cool there. I've been down some rabbit holes from Carson rabbit holes and it's been really fascinating to watch like Richard Pryor or Carlin on yet. They weren't funding. They weren't funny like they wouldn't really do bits like every once in a while they would get a laugh from the crowd but it was just it was just like it was fucking conversation just like talking and at a certain point and probably the eighties that shifted. And they're like Oh let's everyone's gotTa do bits and jokes and sketches. Let's make this better right. I I've gone down the Dick Cavite rabbit hole early. Oh yeah there's a ton of old to Cavite stuff popping up on Youtube. He was really sort of the FI I think he was one of the godfathers of like the podcasting format where he would just talk to someone. I don't understand him though because I never find him funny. He's not trying to be funny but he is but he he really bad it was like but he he was just trying to keep the ball in the air and then step out of the way he would sort of you know like poke. Bette. Davis gathered to tell the story and then he would back out of the way and then occasionally like you and Groucho and then like they would start to tell the story than he would back out of the way. I think he was just trying to keep the ball in the air. It's uncovered to watch them with when he would interview. Black people really. Yeah it it's because you know the thing is he. He was like cool with them and and he was friends with them and he wasn't racist by any means. That's not why I'm going with this. But it was that over it. 'cause 'cause the time it was in the eighties he would try to overly project at their friends that might have been in the sixties and the seventies no. I watched the show and the yeah. He was going for a while. Oh wow he was going for a while ago earlier. Yeah I saw with Eddie Murphy on there. Oh and then he would try to make like a black joke really because no because it's like as if your friends you can do that. Oh he was trying to establish what he was trying to make it. Look like yeah and it would just fall flat. Because he's Dick Cabinet. Yeah and it's like it's like your like your dad or your granddad and you don't you don't need to try to do. Yeah it's it's you should watch it. It's kind of I will. It's it's I'll watch the Murphy. As they as they say the kids nowadays it was cringe worthy. Well one of the things that I've so enjoyed about Eddie. Murphy's kind of like re emergence into the public consciousness is how much joy he seems to have like he could. He doesn't shy away at all from like he seems totally willing to like. T- tells these great stories about when he first became like one of the biggest celebrities in the world. He's not afraid to talk about stuff and he seems to talk about it with like a real glee Alger and the fact that he is so embraces it so much delights me and makes it so fun to watch him. Yeah I mean look I got to last year. I got to go to this thing. I wasn't invited but I got so tiffany. Haddish text me. I text her. A picture of I tiffany a picture of my mom and her last year. And then tiffany replied. I said my mom loves because Oh my God I loved your mom she goes. Guess what I go watch. Because I'm on my way to Eddie's house and I was like Oh my murphy. Gosh and she's like yeah I go. Wow I said that's so cool. I only met him for a second once. Your because you wanna come and I was like. Are you serious? She was yeah. I'll come scoop you if you WANNA go. Oh my God and I'm like I was with my girlfriend and she was pregnant at the time. I'm like where at dinner and I'm like. Hey Babe can I go? We'll go thank God because I would hate for you to be a single mom. So tiffany pick me up and we go to Eddie. Murphy's House and we walk in the House and I'm in complete I'm numb with like I can't believe having because he was like you know I got Eddie Murphy source of nineteen eighty six You know So we get to his house. We go in the basement and as you walk downstairs the first person I see Jamie Foxx And I'm like Jose James. What's up man? I'm like Hey Jamie. And then they turn around. And he's Okay. Russell thanks coming. I'm like Eddie Murphy knows my name has been and moving on and then you'll Brennan's there right and then I hear behind me. Is this what you comedians always do you guys just hang out and I turn around? And it's q tip from tribe called quest only what's up tip because they know all these guys and then. I look at the bar and I see Sasha Baron Cohen standing behind the bar and then I'm like. Is this the fucking movie by the way? This sounds like an old bugs. Bunny sketch where he walks into yet. Like every remarkable body was there so Sasha Baron Cohen's behind the bar aisle officials sitting at the bar and then I see bill hader than Jimmy Kimmel. Dentist Patent Oswald then Pignataro than I see. Allie Wong I see Jeff Ross and then I hear behind me how Shatman rows operators and I turn around and Chapelle walking down the stairs and I'm like what the fuck if I walked into by the way the sounds like the greatest open mic. Like did it just like you? This show of everyone getting up and doing ten minutes. Yeah and then and then I'm standing there and I see his black to with blonde hair coming us. There's goes at Cisco and it was like Knows Chris. Rock for some reason he had his hair dyed blonde really. Yeah and I'm like what what is this. Where am I what world in my in right now? Everyone else must have had the same surreal experience. I mean Kimmel talked about it one night a matter of fact. Kimmel talked about it when Eddie Murphy was on a show. Yeah and he was like talking about. Everybody was every failed to mention me which really bothers me this day. That's how fucking memorable I am to him and what happened did show so then. I'm just like I want to get a drink. And then it was like I got to kill and then I go. What are we doing? I put this down I go. I don't WANNA be no. I WANNA remember a part of this night of course so I'm I'm not saying a word to anybody because I'm just literally like Gobsmack. I'm like I can't believe what I'm in right now. Right and then I'm standing in a doorway like this and and it's Eddie Chris Rock Jamie Foxx beside me Neal Brennan and we're standing there talking about comedy. Oh my God and they're like so when you're gonNA come back and and and he's like I don't know I got like five minutes bands. You GotTa really and you guys really work hard at it and and then and I'm like I'm literally not saying a word and I'm like I can't believe it's not like you know sometimes when you're standing when people are talking and you can get the vibe that somebody's thinking. Was this guy doing here right. You know what I mean. Do you think that's a real vibrant but that wasn't happening? Oh it wasn't. That wasn't the VIBE I was like. That's why state I was like so cool. I wasn't finding those situations like you. Because you know your brain and it's an overthinking kind of thing where you're like say something cool say something cool and then there's a gap and then you say something like comedies..

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