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That's Ken Coleman dot com. Go ahead. Get the guides and get hired. Let's get to the phones. People are standing by eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to Kelly who's on the line in San Diego, California Kelly. You're on the Ken Coleman show her. I am. I hope you're doing well today. Think are you McCall? Absolutely. How do I help? So currently in the discovery stage. I'm smell is. I'm good at a lot of things. And I won a lot of things. I just don't know where to start because every time I start something. Like, ooh, this is not for me. Then I paid. So I don't know if it's me not being you know, seeing the goal enough or just not knowing where to go in my populace. Started. That's what it is. So you said two scenarios is that you don't know where to go. So you're trying things randomly and and good on you Kelly for having the maturity and the self awareness to say this isn't for me, I'm going to quit this. So that's not a negative that you quit something that has no zip no juice for you. Okay. So you're so first of all you come to me today and your your your heads on right? Your heart's implanted correctly. And to don't beat yourself up for quitting things. Well, we have to focus on is the true discovery that you talked about. And so you said you're a good at lots of things. Let's take let's take a shot here seeing if we can find that sweet spot for you. Tell me the things that you're most talented at your talented at a lot of things your words. But I wanna know the two three things that everybody would say this is what Kelly's really really good at. And you know, you do these things better than anything else. I believe I'm a wonderful communicate it, and I can catch a lot of different people. No matter. What walks the there? I also believe that. I am very like the Kermit whatever you want me. I'm going to be able to conquer and plus them also your biggest. So I'm really thing. Other people succeed in who? Well, I, and I liked helping people in that way. Okay. Great meal when you say, you are a wonderful communicator, which by the way, I love how you said that that's a word we use enough, by the way, wonderful. How do you communicate? What how is that manifesting itself? What does that mean? You're a wonderful communicator. I believe that. I think this I understand people. So I listened to them really well able to communicate were able to listen to me back. Do you find yourself giving people advice is that what's happening? Kodaly? How did they react? You just take me back to one or two recent scenarios. You don't have to tell me the story the details, but take me back to when you were done dispensing that advice, you laid it on them. How did they react? I opening there were just like, well I'd ever thought it that way or. Really kind of cut back. But they really appreciate it. And they took it to heart. Yes. That's what you meant by opening. Now second question. How did you feel when that conversation was over? They went on their way, you went on your way, and you knew that they received and appreciated. What you said how did you feel in those moments right after that? About wonderful gave someone pizza par on their face. But it's been the core. To help a lot of people that way, of course, Kelly is starting to see something here..

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