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We're feeling good. This is going to be a good episode. I think the real winner in this episode is Joe Schwarz after this interview I think he might start getting calls from N._B._A.. Teams from D. League team or sorry G. Elite Teams D. League. If you're if you're old head if you're an old hand like myself <hes> let's go. Let's do it. Yes we like. We're talking to each other like what do even talk about tonight like this is the tonight after the All star. Break is historically the most dad night in all sports. There's not anything really going on. We got some Summer League Action W._N._B._A.. But there's really anything throw Las Vegas Aces Baby Benefactor in the W._n._B._A.. Resurrection the W._N._B._A.. As you know this is the Las Vegas Aces pod <hes>. I don't know why this is the Las Vegas as Pod so some good money on them but you got some good lines for future because apparently they formed the warriors of the W._n._B._A.. Though yeah I don't really know who their core is and then Liz Cambridge. She's a baller. I'm not waited was what Liz candidate but close out you know I was under the impression Russian their last name was Cambridge and she was somehow related to Calvin Cambridge from one of my favorite movies ever like Mike but yeah big Las Vegas Aces Fan. We got a little bit season laughed and then we're headed to the playoffs with a championship in mind and this future of mine on we'll hit championship her boss if the Ace's win their special giveaway for the real sports pod obviously but let's get into it I the real sports awards presented by Eben Jack. I category is so these by the way the categories and potential answers were given to me by chief content officer so as to have no biopsies here and I had to announce that because as I'm looking at the first category and the first option it's going to seem bias but player. You wish you could have played a video game with as we know the N._C.. Double A. Because of likeness cut N._C._W._a.. Football and N._C.. Double a basketball over the past five years so the options are Lamar <unk> Baby Goat Jackson the greatest player of all time are saquon Barkley Zion Williamson or real sports fan favorite Taco fall a the player. You wish you could play video game with a no no brainer no-brainer real sports fan. It's TACO fall. Could you imagine just like getting the ball in the post and like a double teams coming from like one of your friends and you're playing with him. He's like you thought and just put it over their head and just dunk it in like watching his strides go up and down the court. He is a special specimen of a human being just the way he looks would just be so awkward in a video game to the point where you could just draw probably forty and forty in a game especially if you play on rookie mode which which if you play with Taco fall you probably should because you can't really dominate a video game with big nowadays. It's just like it's kind of like the new N._B._A.. It's just fastbreak dunks and then fuck it a- just shoot a three and from forty feet and see what happens so I'm GonNa Taco Fall. I think that'd be a Lotta Fun given. Did you see him actually a couple. Was it two days ago or something last night yeah last night someone on the nuggets I forget who it was tried taking a charge on him. Maybe like inbetween the foul line in the hoop and I think they were in the fourth fourth row in the stands. It was unbelievable. You can just have that kind of dominance in a video game. It would drive your friend in your opponent crazy and you'd probably win. If you're one of my friends and you're throwing twenty bucks on the game you've probably be profitable about it and you can laugh in their face so Taco fall aw one hundred percent. I would love to play a video game with him. TACO is like you create a player and when you do that you make your guys tall as the game will let you he might like I think in N._B._A.. Two K..

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