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See tony storms backstage. She's not happy about the fact that she's not getting a title shot anytime soon. versus concern ric. Gonzales fears her. And when asked about surveys challenge from last week she says it's cute and suray may wanna match with her. But she's not on tony's level when says no member suray popped up in william regal's office last week and look the last thing i'm gonna do is do japanese voice. 'cause i'm not trying to look. I'll saw what happened to Who's at of spanish commentator. Willie bonna last thing. I'm gonna do. Is that but pretty much suray. Went into william regal's off his last week. Hey hey william regal me me lee. I wanna match Next week maybe match. Pretty please. Match tony star. Maybe please that'd be good. I mean literally. What's the railhead did an. Yeah so it is what it is without one so i personally don't give it flying. You know what about. Yeah so that's just me. Look i get guys that. Find tony storm attractive and i do think she's a very attractive woman but besides being attractive woman having a nice dairy air i mean i just. I don't see why fans liked this woman because personality wise. there's there's nothing she offers. There's nothing i can latch onto. At least i can pick up something with mandy dana brooke. There's there's nothing with. Tony storm very flat. As far as i'm concerned convinced me otherwise convince me otherwise Favorite highlight of the knife for me. Hit row that hit row rap segment. Oh man man. I loved that i loved. I know some people all that went way too long. Look if you're a fan of all things hip hop and rap ding. You know what you enjoy the fuck out asset you enjoyed the fuck outta that segment. Okay because people that were looking at this particular segment and they were all ma'am kind of boring. Oh wait too long. Tell you what i need. That same. got an energy when poppy comes out and doing her said All the other little fucking get. I need that same energy. 'cause i think would honestly this comes down to you. Got some people that are basically going round.

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