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Out of. His mind Puig is out of. His mind Puig is. Losing it they they got to drag out of. The pile Now things are calming down So anyway there was this fight at, the dodgers or. Excuse me the dolphins camp and so what, they? Did was this Gabe. Right, sucker punch Kenyan Drake Was. Like one of their. Best players, right and so they cut the guy today Gabe right, they cut him. Like you wanna get in fights here at, camp? You're out by cut That's one way to, handle, it. Do you have any idea what happened in this fight here and. It was not Posey Tonight behind the as the guy seemed to? Be the main culprits here I'm waiting for the replay because we're obviously doing this and we look over and we see a bunch of guys vibrate Oh what is mad about we don't know we haven't, seen it they haven't shown it you think one of. Them would get it foxsports Barry or MLB live at the game and I'm MLB network who's who's actually running the giant This is what happened it was a I. Don't know what he. Did upset him Started talking to them I know that Clearly said something to him he flipped his, bat around when he fouled that ball then we put his hands on him and, shoved him Puig definitely shoved him a. Maybe I'm just taking. A guess here many swung at him there you see. The swing bash him in the face Plumbly, Hundley probably, looked at him and said you know you almost hit me. With your bad or something like that because if you watch tweet when he does his little gets all mad when he fails, the ball off. Plagues in. Animal duties variety through haymakers. He's done he's suspended eight through haymakers. He punched him right. In the. Face he's gonna get suspended that's automatic he just a bunch right. There a hundred times he punched him he sucker. Punched him leads done what a, moron like you wanna break your hands swinging at a guy with. A helmet on Because we had never been the smartest guy He has without a doubt been the biggest pain in the ass ever for. The Los Angeles Dodgers since they got him ha? Has he not been the most immature tool He he's the first fail of from Cuba ready just so stupid honestly the, way he's, handled his career in Los Angeles Myron seriously he's been a disaster. Remember. When they sent him down for like a couple of months. To the miners. To get you know. Gathering himself and get his, head straight because he's such a mess here he is again in another situation and. He threw bunches. Bro he is done he threw punches you he's the first to shove he initiated the fight and he threw a haymaker and, hit him in the face so he's done And. Then. You, got Dave Roberts trying to talk his way? Out of it. Of, course how about I guess it was the first, base, coach. For the dodgers coming in and trying to keep humming away from know not really like doing anything rough with him, or anything, like that and pensions comes in and levels the guy levels who the. Coach those holding up you know hopefully from getting dodger coach. Was a dodger. Coach their first base. Coach the helmet on trying, to keep them away trying to break the fight up before God anything water in. And levels dude Hunter pants another hack I think. He's a hack seriously.

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