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He wanted to see and I guess if you had the closed caption, I mean most people would probably turn it off because it's probably getting in the way of what they wanna see. They don't want to see the rewriting. They WANNA see the the actor actress. But. Anyway they file a lawsuit. I mean look again. How many websites are out there? Do people who are hard of hearing have a constitutional right to go to any porn website. They want and expect it to be close captioned especially when they're not even charging, I mean a lot of these sites of free so basically what they're saying is. If you're going to provide somebody with free porn, you also have to provide them with free subtitles. Otherwise. We're going to get sued, but sued for what you're not even charging any money, but you know I'm sure. There are porn sites out there. That have closed caption. Just go to those. It's the same stuff. What difference does it make every single? Porn site doesn't have to have closed captions just find the ones that do and just watch those right. How simple as that, but no? Now there is a lawsuit. Nobody is being injured by the fact that every porn site doesn't have subtitles because there are some that do you know it also reminds me of the lawsuit. This ADA related this is. Because the sexual orientation, but the the case where this. religious man was sued because he didn't want to bake a gay wedding cake and the only reason he knew it was going to be a gay wedding cake was because the couple wanted him to put the two male figures on the cake right. Obviously they could've just put those figures on themselves after it was done, but they made a point of telling the guy that they you know. This was four gay wedding, and they wanted these gay figures on the top of the cake and this guy who was a religious baker, basically said you know. I'm very religious, I. Just don't think that this is right I think it's a sin, and I would prefer not to bake a cake, knowing that the cake is going to be part of a ceremony with which I oppose and so the guys immediately sued now the point is. Were the were the. Gay couple really inconvenienced at all by this. No, in fact, they probably called a hundred. Bakers maybe more to find a one acre..

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