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Way to make hurricanes. Let's damaging in west deadly, I'm all ears, and this is a case during the plowshare program were a airforce meteorologist named Jack Reed had an idea to potential use nucl-. Weapons to either blow the heart out of a hurricane essentially to disrupt the wall. So the hurricane self would fall apart, but failing that which he would have because a hurricane has more power than hundreds and hundreds and hundred weapons plan B would be to use nuclear weapons of Papp's change the direction of a hurricane so that it would move out into the Atlantic Ocean before it hit landfall. This is likely the more practical purpose of the, the only problem is, there's no way to test. The only would actually test. This would be to do it on an actual hurricane. And of course, if it stales, which it probably would have. But if it stales all of a sudden now you have a two hundred mile an hour wind radioactive hurricane about Miami. So I'm pretty happy that the test this program. Because there are several chapters in this book that would have ended up in me not being born, and this is probably one of them, because my parents lived in Miami, around this time when they're attending university of Miami, any deal active hurricane probably would have been really problematic for my future. Lice. So Jack Reed had an interesting idea. But I'm very glad that intestine, what was there. Also an idea I seem to remember from talking to you before about dropping a nuke on Australia to build a harbor. Well, that was one plan that actually made a little bit more sense. I mean, the idea was you could wouldn't dropping knew he would actually bring over there. And you would blast open a artists harbor side of Australia. And that was a plus.

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