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114 off her oldest Chapman in the ninth inning, his seventh homer of at least 114. This season, one behind Giancarlo Stanton and showing Otani for the most in major league baseball. SportsNet 5 90 the fan with the call of the home run for the Blue Jays, who at the end, here's Romanos to to Swung on hit in the air to left center field down the run is Dyson. Jason makes the catch ball game over and Toronto wins and the Yankees have now lost nine out of 11. And their lead for the top wild card over Boston goes down to one on the loss side Blue Jays with a 63 win over the Yankees, jobs, trolling W. F A and Blue Jays the Yankees Fall into that second wild card spot there now a half game behind the Red Sox, and it's tight in the American League Wild card. Red Sox have the top spot in half game over the Yankees, Blue Jays, a game and a half out. Seattle 2.5 back. Oakland is three games out. But as for the Yankees, they've struggled as late as you heard even saw Garrett Cole leave his start on Tuesday with tightness in his hamstring manager Aaron Boone. So I think he's You know, Encourage. I don't think we have anything definitive yet. I think the next 24 48 hours is gonna you know, determine where we move and how he you know how he responds, but I think he was encouraged by how he felt coming in here. He has not gotten an MRI. As of now, we'll see if that's in the cards moving forward. I don't know yet. Yankees currently holding that second wild card spot SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio Yankees fans with kind of a split focus on Wednesday. There was the game against the Blue Jays. Also the Hall of Fame inductions in Cooperstown for the class of 2020, Larry Walker, Ted Simmons, the late Marvin Miller. And Derek Jeter. Who came this close to being a unanimous selection. Thank you to the baseball riders..

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