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Never once the weather Kirk Mellish as you'll see some sunshine later today, but still chilly a high of forty nine of beautiful day is coming though, but an Arctic fine just coming after Kirk Mellish's five-day forecast never to the hot the continues to bucket for one of two carjacking suspects. Who bailed out after a crash? Moore's mill road overnight at number three the situation Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport after security weights up to ninety minutes yesterday. Michelle writes there live now, how's it? Look this morning. Got it looked a whole lot better than it did yesterday at this time, wait times averaging around between fifteen twenty minutes, the domestic checkpoint is a little bit longer maybe about thirty minutes. But what I have noticed is there a lot of airport personnel. That are in the hall, directing passengers do different point. I think to help keep these security lines moving. So we don't run into those ninety plus minute, wait time. So we saw yesterday I'll keep an eye on Michelle. Check back with you every fifteen minutes. Wsb News time is seven forty seven as a partial government shutdown rolls on with no end in sight, President Trump or just the nation's farmers that patients China trade war has slammed many farmers that the partial government shutdowns kept some from getting federal aid meant to offset the losses. The president's asking them to hold tight reporter saga megani. Says the president told a farmers convention in New Orleans that immigration reform will ultimately give them the workers. They need the FDA could resume inspections on riskier foods cheeses. And baby formulas earliest today the agency had halted those inspections briefly because of the shutdown DA Commissioner Scott GOP league Gottlieb says they're bringing back one hundred and fifty employees for the work riskier foods account for about a third of the agency's inspections and some workers say understaffing could put Americans health at risk. Today's confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee William bar will send her around the Russia investigation are we'll tell the Senate Judiciary committee. That is quote vitally important that special counsel. Robert Muller be allowed to complete the Russia probe or is trying to reassure democratic senators. Trouble by his past comments about the investigation campaign reports bar will also be questioned about his relationship with the president and his views on executive power. Clemson tigers. Visit the White House after winning the national championship over Alabama. Head coach Dabo Swinney thanked President Trump for the visit honor to be a part of this tradition to be honest with this really cool that football can create an opportunity like this president treated the team to fast food, including McDonald's and Burger King. He blames the trim down menu on the. Shutdown. But he also says he figured they'd like it better. WSB news time seven forty eight..

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