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Did you did you expect that? To happen. No. But honestly, we were so grateful over like overjoyed like Doug a lot for a community of people and their families and their siblings, and am I think of my my older children in a couple of years being in that level? And I know that it would be one of those things that they're cringing everytime. They're hearing a word that is essentially, you know, billing their their little brother or a humanizing is conditioned. It could be called anything. There's the English language is his rich of vocabulary. And I think the word that the classification that they came up with is, you know, so simple. It's minor. And where does it come from? I'm looking at this novice. Atom bantam midget where did how did that actually become a category? I don't know. I have no idea a lot of feedback. We're getting it's been like that forever. In fact, when my husband played basketball, she was in that little I when he was fourteen and fifteen and in again, he said the same thing to me is like, I never I. Never gave it a second thought. I didn't know, you know, for the people that had affect on it. It doesn't change anything. It's still going to be the same caliber of basketball. It's still the same game. It just has a different classifications level. Do you think is possible? It was sped to other sports because most of them use this term, don't they? Yeah. And and that's what are hoping that, you know, sets the precedent for either age groups changing all the names to either like, you know, by age of like, you seventeen sixteen fifteen going down, which would be great. It would be if he wonderful of other people followed suit other sports. I know that does change has brought on people say, well, I'm gonna check my son plays this sport. Or my daughter plays this sport. And I like to see that change happen all across the board because there's nothing positive about that word, and there's nothing meaningful about it. So you got a lot of positive positive feedback. Positive reaction was this is a small thing they can do and make a big difference. I understand you've also had negative responses. Some pretty nasty things. What crisis? What country actions really surprising? But again, I think you know, you have to take in consideration that when you're hiding behind a keyboard. It's easy to try to be vocal. And and they'll everyone's sensitive, and and people just have to grow thicker skin. But I would love to tell those people that until you're affected by anything. Whether it be a condition, whether it be mental health, or you know, someone or your your personally, your is being open to it. And you're always going to say, oh, everyone's to send everyone complains everyone. But it's easy to sit. Backing and criticize behind a keyboard rather than we did a positive thing for a group of people and their families, and I just have to keep focusing on that. But yeah, there's some hateful things that it it it. It doesn't make any sense. It shows how much more education needs to be done in how to like the fact that we have to almost justify that it would it would be great. If you could just respect people as people instead of labeling them and getting rid of. These labels that have negative connotation for that specific group of people languages changed over the years. There's word that you know, I'm sure ten twenty years ago. We're flying around even on the radio, and now people wouldn't think of seeing them, and it's progress, and it's wonderful well done, Regina. And thanks for speaking with us. Thank you take care of interest, ticker by regina's gone has a young son with dwarfism her family convinced a local youth basketball league in Guelleh on -tario along with the Antero basketball sociation to drop the term midget from their age classifications for more on the story. Go to our website, CBC dot CA slash h..

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