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So you know it's like you're checking boxes and because of that sort of we call it the driver mentality, you're the driver of all things and what happens is when you're the driver, you end up getting very hurt and very frustrated by people because you're like if I don't pick up the ball, no one else will, but it goes with our. Friendships that goes with our partnerships. It goes with people we work with you have to do what you do, but then also have this awareness of okay. Is everybody else around here carrying their weight to and do I trust that I don't do it that I'll still receive that phone call it's trust within yourself. Not of these guys it's trust of like. I showed up I was real. I was myself. It was a great date if he doesn't call again. Next, you know because you can't manufacture these relationships was what you do is you end up bringing in lazy people into your life and then you're really driving the entire thing the entire way through and it doesn't make for a happy life because I'm hearing you and I'm thinking Gosh you know twenty, eight, twenty, nine, year smart your entrepreneurial you're successful you gotta have more patience right now it feels like it's been four to five years. But. If we really broken apart and we had more time a Betcha you been really at this perfect stage of like that next level readiness for maybe the last year and you might actually even only be entering into it now because we're truly truly ready for partnership and we've Kinda, quieted that voice we're in our receiving space that person shows up and you don't need thousands you really don't. And the dating. APPS give us this illusion that we have to have deal flow in order to be successful. So for those of us that dated before dating, APPs we didn't have that I didn't get to get in front of thousands of people a month to find my partner was lucky. If I saw one guy a month that I liked. But April, we've also overly romanticized for better for worse or pass relationships. Exactly exactly. But we knew less it's kind of like renew less. It's like the older you get like you refine your palate right? So when you're palate has refined..

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