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Twenty minutes for more than a decade Denver has been on the public transit expansion spree that so far has added sixty six miles of new rail lines eighteen miles of new bus routes and forty three new stations but now the system is considering reversing course and cutting service because it can't find enough people to drive its buses and trains David Harrison reporter at the Wall Street journal says the city's transit system and others across the country are facing a severe labor shortage familiar to employers nationwide David what's happened here Denver that really kind of proactive about offering news and chanted options they've really been been on a on a building spree and what happened is you know you've got that combined with a really strong economy and a very low unemployment rate and they've really needs a had a really hard time recruiting operators for the trains and buses another kind of stuck with this position where we've got all this new offering all this new service but you don't have enough people to drive it that's incredible so the thinking is is generally speaking I can I can do better save Hey why is that a bus driver so people don't apply for those types of jobs well it happened a lot of times is people apply but yet you're going to need a commercial driver's license so people will play without a CDL company the transit agency will will train them and give them the CBO and then they'll just like come to a trucking company or somewhere else so they can make a lot more money so in Denver with the the issue is and has been a lot of attention and really other places you know to censor thing or the to struggle to get people in the door because you know a lot of you know we didn't we didn't have before okay let the lower and so there's a there's there's there's more jobs out there because it's hard for an agency to Amman to recruit and you know these are high job the menu when you start out you were you know early in the morning or late at night you work six days a week sometimes so it's not nobody about some of the recruiting efforts than to try to find some of these new bodies to fill positions they've been advertising seriously a minute I'll be the agency they really been been been been very intent on on putting add that to get folks and and then they've also been you know doing what you'd expect them to do that than raising wages a lot of agencies have after we did the last few years try to find ways to to reduce the workload to make it a little more family friendly to the extent possible it's not always easy to do I can then identically they've they've kind of we do see the color in nineteen from twenty one to now nineteen year old can go and and and you know having gotten buses so they do what they can but you know there's only so much you can do and I speak with David Harrison reporter at the Wall Street journal's pieces call public transit hits a speed bump not enough drivers are so when this happens so what do you got to drop routes I guess that's exactly exactly yeah so a lot of places well basically you know you have a route to to advertise on schedule at writers are expecting it to show up but if you don't have anybody to drive it you just don't don't run it so you can add and makes makes writers pretty upset because you know this is the real schedule images and the both of them show up with a kind of them show up that's great so you know they try to post on my website is silly and they can which fruits are gonna run which treats on but with Denver is done here is really kind of thing that a step ahead of that and they basically just you know to death cutting that's completely so you know some bus routes are just not going to weekends are not going to run at all I know the process of working through we know which groups and helpful about work out but if this does go through starting in may it'll basically just had cut back to service because they just can't get enough of this incredible so at the how of some of these writers adjusted I know you spoke with a couple of them who expressed their frustration yeah well I mean a lot of people are basically just adjusting their commute pattern you know taking different groups are giving a hell more time and you know it's possible that the two also describing people away from Capitol together we've seen you know we have seen over the last few years I will decline and in transit ridership and a lot of reasons for that but one reason could be that just under libel service because of the labor charge and I I I thought you said to the story there's been a decline in ridership it's almost like this could never ending cycle right that's the issue with a lot of hand they don't see it yet we have to figure out what I had to stop this this this sort of thing though what you have during the recession they cut a lot of service and of course he got there if you can lose writers during the recovery after the recession I could bring back service camper back services to.

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