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It's not beater on bush is a combination of luke rocco be extremely arrogant even after even after the visby even after the visiting thing man he's still the damage nauseous all at i'd won reality headset in that he got here without four peace against the fans and almost went down he was like oh shit souness are grappling yeah but the thing was he spent that camp with henin hooked which i think is one of the kgb's one of the best coaches in the game right now definitely but the asia's was we gave you were yeah one of the best yes so my thing is is that with with him being away from dc lupien away from dc during that whole camp you could show his wrestling his take down his clinch work against the fence was nonexistent he struggled get david brash down via and he should never and luke in the one thing luke doesn't use enough is his ability on the ground either finorm on the grounds that the two in that mean rogin munoz moslem rooms and remains show i said luc rock holds most talented guy 85 because he's a block man on the ground the male and striking his heads on right he's wants towns gather division kid woke up one day and goes hey i'm gonna go to urge it to worlds as a brown bell i'm going to win it comes back warns it is a freak man just like he trained for like two weeks i'm gonna go do world train for two weeks got back on track jews inaqui goes down there winds windsor brought about worlds if they incorporate that the weight class uh row restrictions are you say what about he's a meal fi 85 anymore guy yards on enough to find a too if i it depends which i think he'll be heseltine rock coal and i i saw another sound like i'm jack in this male model up but i think rockall that to a the champion.

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