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Wasn't sick enough to die by Phil hours dying but s I gave of kindness and compassion and have a positive thinking to myself wanting realized sickness. Wasn't that bad. The more I develop peace and compassion towards myself and these sickness went away pretty quick so yeah two hours pretty healthier on that play in India spy as for my friend was also on the trip with me and also some nuns in Sarah to most of the people on the trip learn the monastic quite sick and when they came back for the India Commission mission to a stew sick for like two weeks and now it's quite healthy and I think I realize I always go back to my practice and learn to let go of dementia suffering and find that this body as masters as bowl. Try and let the body be and let it go musk's possible benefit of being a monastic when you practice more and more and more as you get older as you get sick significantly the writer learn to make peace we this body allow these poly and defy census too slowly slowly fe away. Been A monastic one. Out Duties is to teach so we do do a lot teaching one of the places that we teach is in the army tail Meditation Group and that is in in Amadeo next to next to the Amodio Hospital Tola community centre though Dusty Amatil Meditation Group and we do have law. Patients are recommended by the doctors to join the meditation. Seventy MA QUITE SICK. Quite some have chronic and serious sickness by cancel and yeah so a lot of new. People that come to meditation. The first time I recommended recommended by doctors to one place that we teach petition is at the moment in group so the doctors say that sometimes they find patients to go do the meditation class. The tend to recover quick earlier and their sickness improve to the point ner even if this suffering from very very back cancer they can manage to live longer and also they don't worry and stress are so much because sometimes when a person's really really sick and the dying. The mental suffering can be overwhelming and we do make peace with if our mine then sometimes t body to recover quite rapidly and even we don't recover the paying of the body become less and in some cases we find some people cancer not spread and he can manage to live for a few years longer in some cases we finer times. Did this a person that we known that is pretty bad cancer and I must see him for a long time but he's still a life after ten years who dat back cancer spread. Always body to is quite amazing. Drew to the meditation that you can pay see allow the body to heal and regenerate are racists that we come across as Buddhist monk also one. I'd like to talk about this. The monks to go out to the recent farm. Closer to monastery about I think about eight kilometers away from here as a prison farm and amongst to go there quite often every Friday to give guided meditation but due to the restriction and the lockdown. The monks are not going up now. But hopefully the new restriction is lifted then. The monks can continue. Go to the next to the hospital to give Gamma Titian to the patient. And also to go to the crease and farm to gather meditation. One of the prisoners or experts in this used to be in the preseason was move transfer from prison farm. Allow discreetly preseason where People Nami stay for few years before they become released from prison so he was transferred to maximum the maximum prison in another location in Western Australia to when he was transferred to the maximum piece in who saying the first night was pretty hard for him to be in the new place where he was locked up in the Selah. We always read them in a prison farm. You have your own dumb Tommy Tree and you can move around within the prison to get to exercise go to canteen go to GM or work recent palm but when he was transferred to maximum discreet here prison he was locked up in the self three away so he told me that when he was lockout La. The only thing he can do la was to sit down meditate calmly and peacefully any described that when he was in the maximum security. Prison is not the first time you've been there before with saying the person next door was his first time and the guy was going completely crazy screaming shouting and banging on the on the sale and the Mola completely going nuts and crazy and my friend was saying that he was seen down deal. Listen to screaming and shouting and banging in the prison next solar and all he can do was maintain. He's the mine from going crazy. This Judaism. Meditation has been practicing meditation from many many years and also learning meditation. Been a prison farm so you say the only thing that kept me say in lockdown isolation was meditation to Nice. Stall Story ALLERGIST SHARE WITH PEOPLE. Being excuse me so be in. Prison in isolation is busy one of the most extreme experience opposing danger. Not if a his Co. could be very hard sometimes very difficult. Our Seen Victoria staying in Newburgh This ministry one person drove about almost two hours from his home. All the way to the monastery up in new berea with despondency three and he came mean after lunch about one o'clock and I saw him. I say oh we finish lunch. He came too late. He came over with partner and I could tell was quite unsettled and quite disturbed for so I sit down and chat with him. Power was going on and he's been reading a lot with spoke interested on Buddhism and he online founders. There was there was a monastery getting built up at Yubari to the era that the monastry is sabotage is in Victoria. Newbury to demonstrate record newbury despondent three so I was up to Supporting one my friend was a senior monk and to kill some of the work and teaching to and being path of a monastery in the community. Because in the new monastery you see days a hell of a law worker because you see in a new monastery on starting this all work and a small son year but once a monster is built la in establishing runway world. Then you get a lot will come in to stay on the street and octane but in the beginning of a new ministry associate so there's a law worker responsibility so I'll up dea to support my my my monastic friend. So he was away in Singapore. Giving a teaching. So it's just me. I was only monkey and this layperson came in after lunch and he wanted some help and he asked me if I can give him guidance and the US okay. What kind do I can tell that? He was quite still yours holding a lot anger in his hotline so I asked him what is happening. And how can they help and they say that he was in prison for few years and when he called our prison doors carrying the anger and the hurt and the rationing is hard and it safe acting is his life and also affecting his? Is Life his partner? Some time WHO EXPLO- in of Asia Toast having a Lotta anger carrying a lot of things in his pass within so I can't really talk to him too much gave motto advisor to decide given one very simple advisor essay. Our mind is like vessel a vessel water. A report law sold into the vessel water after a while. The water tastes very salty. So just so east deformities of mine. Anger rage this discontent. So is fine. If if if the vessel a water is become very salty does mine..

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