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So I don't know what that says about their ownership group, but not ideal. I know we've talked before about how the ideal circumstances everyone operates with open book. Right. And then we can actually know what we are talking about it. I understand that whenever I talk to people who who work with teams. Of course, they are providing a perspective. His I don't know if it's a driven by bias or having a gentleman, but they'll say things that maybe people were aren't with teams would disagree with. But to an individual every single person I've ever talked to about this with team has been like, you know, we understand like the owners are trying to run a business, but they all they all want to win. The owners want to win they infest. They don't want to necessarily put more money into the team in their making. But owners typically at least as it's presented the people who work for teams are are running. Martin's quite as big as it seems like they are from the outside which can be hard to understand when you see payrolls that aren't skyrocketing when you have limited draft spending and international spending. But I guess there is that hidden aspect of what are you paying for all your other employees? What you paying for the tech that those employees using their lot of unseen expenses that teams have. But I can't in any way speak to how those add up because I have no idea how much a number of employees cost or a bunch of tech cameras cost. But make no mistake at least in the past few years. It's not a coincidence that as spending restrictions have have been implemented teams have just gone on a hiring spree because that's that seems to be one of the few remaining areas. Yeah. Exactly. And of course, French. Chai's values are always climbing. So even if you're not currently operating in black you're still making money in the long term if you were ever to sell a team. But yeah, I mean, it is a business, and we don't expect most business owners to operate at a loss if they can avoid it, you just kind of hope that because a team is almost a civic institution in a way that you'll end up with an owner who cares about winning and wants to be beloved because he invests in the team more so than just turning a profit every year, but perhaps unrealistic to expect that because at any given time that is not the case with with most franchises so ever and always wants another Mike Illitch and Mike are great from the fan perspective. But on the the downside is when you have one Mike Illitch than you just try to hold everybody else to that Santon. And that's just not how it works for it for better worse. So I don't know who I'm not giving enough credit to. Maybe another Michael out there somewhere like the giants, for example, or a team spends a lot of money. But there were a lot of pressure to spend a lot of money, but I can't really speak with much authority beyond this. So that's that's the angels of now non tendered their closure. What an interesting day. It is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, this is the tender non tender deadline day. This is the day that teams have to decide whether they're going to offer contracts to arbitration eligible players, and so a bunch of guys have been let go and you mentioned Jonathan scope already. Couple other interesting names, Billy Hamilton and Matt Davidson, both non tendered by the reds and White Sox respectively. And we've talked about both of these guys quite a bit over the years Hamilton, just I think has to be said is one of the more disappointing players probably in recent baseball history. I mean, maybe we all expected too much of him..

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