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A fire had a tremendous head start before we got here so kind of being behind with the with the fire attack before we got here and having water supply supply problems just contributed to this water I challenge the mains here only three and a half inches in diameter the date back to the nineteen twenties takers were brought in from as far away as show in Concord Karen regal WBZ Boston's news radio we have no word yet on the cause of that fire the investigation continues into the Christmas day double murder suicide in Roxbury where officials believe a mother Erin Pascall killed her two children ages four and fifteen months before taking her own life district attorney Rachel Rollins told reporters that investigators believe the two children fell from the garage is real first followed by their mother mental health is front and center as residence officials and others ask what exactly happened here and why someone would do such a thing Boston mayor Marty Walsh says the scene was a specially dramatic for first responders and civilian witnesses and the city's reaching out to take care of those who were there we do have our which offers finest why Intisar fires from police we are obviously open up to noticeably sands maybe two places well if they need any help going to be there for them you know it's it's a very difficult situation very difficult scene as for the commissioners right the seats on the use of where things are missing Suffolk County DA Rachel Roland says the tragedy demonstrates the urgency of addressing mental health concerns and she's committing her office and their resources to that fight took Sperry man is now charged with murder months after the death of his girlfriend Jennifer colicky forty year old Eric Griffin was initially charged with assault and battery in September after collect he was found dead in their home and he's been held without bail ever since the couple had been to court before according to the DA Griffin allegedly attacked colicky back in March and was charged with assault and battery the case was dismissed when collecting refused to testify against him Griffin will be arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court on January seventh one person is dead following a two car crash on route forty four in Rehoboth it happened just before eight yesterday morning two people in one of the vehicles were brought to Rhode Island hospital where the driver died and the passenger was treated for serious injuries two occupants of a second car were taken to Hasbro children's hospital in Providence we have no word on the extent of their injuries and police have not said would cause of the crash today it would have been the thirty fifth birthday of Pete frailties the former Boston College baseball star who died of a LS earlier this month scores of people will honor him today with the final plunge into the chilly waters it good harbor beach in Gloucester this afternoon Brady was diagnosed with a LS in twenty twelve and twenty fourteen created the ice bucket challenge to help raise money for research into the disease which has no cure it is five oh three check traffic and weather together we start with the consumer retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the freezer music good morning to rob good morning to you aren't we have a few issues out there early to watch out for one on Spiro drive on the westbound side a car into a guard rail it's on the westbound side it before the be you bridge still sterile west soldiers field road west in that area near the be you bridge one shot for car into the guardrail police are on scene otherwise quiet downtown the lower deck so you can leverage connector Tobin airport tunnels are all okay sounded tell no delays on the expressway ninety five south watch out for a car the destructive dear ninety five south before no punches street in Norwood route twenty four in the southbound side getting reports of a possible crash after one twenty three in Brockton route three is okay along the south shore out west of town the pike is fine in north of the city three ninety three and ninety five or okay to and from New Hampshire rob Hecla WBZ's traffic on.

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