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Evening six o'clock is the tip off for Dave lotion and Matt Dillon Jeff Wright will join the fray at five o'clock for the pre game Tigers at Wichita state tonight go Tigers go seven forty two forty seven degrees let's check the roads with heather York good morning right now we were right on west found forty right before you get to the fiber that's westbound forty as you're approaching the fiber out east expect a big delay in that area with an injury crash on too long like east homes read one of those vehicle struck a tree any injury wreck involving a school bus on Midland Avenue and south Prescott street the traffic to your this report is sponsored by compassion international it's easier to change the world than you think sponsor a child in extreme poverty with compassion international and you will change the world for that child just text the word child eight three three nine three to sponsor right now ordain we've got mostly cloudy skies high temperature it's going to be in the mid sixties for tonight we've got rain late overnight low in the mid fifties and then rain and thunder showers on Friday high in the upper sixties thunder showers on Saturday mid fifties and mostly sunny skies low fifties on Sunday right now at a temperature of forty seven degrees Memphis morning news time is seven forty three owner five a sure thing can anyone explain to me why anyone would care how I measure your race we have all heard about measuring your roof from outer space well to be honest there are aerial pictures that are taken every four years it can be used to measure building but it's not from outer space besides no one and I mean no one can tell you what's wrong with your roof or even if you need one by using pictures it might be four years old if you would rather do business with the family owned and operated business with a lifelong tied to met the state refuses to mislead or use gimmicks please give me a call best products best warranties and the best customer service we know how to provide thing proud partner the metas Tigers and the official word for of the Memphis Tigers home team fair honest and ethical three six seven zero zero five zero our ministry for dot com three six seven zero zero five zero or methods refer dot com when you're hunting for small game or big game or thinking of selling your home think about shell done Rosengarten and you you Mallory that's right Sheldon where with marks Spencer of realtors and.

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