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Southern California this is the on CBS sports radio he was gonna be a big our welcome back I'm Jim Rome back the first time after two weeks had a great vacation but back in the saddle and it feels great as promised we're joined right now by a nother guest in studio he is the head baseball coach at Vanderbilt he led Vanderbilt's with second College World Series title this season he is a two time national coach of the year he is a three time SEC coach of the year he was selected for induction into the American baseball coaches association all fame class of twenty twenty Vanderbilt won the SEC regular season title and the tournament title and they set the league record for wins and tied the record for draft picks what I'm saying is there an amazing year fifty nine twelve and I said if you are ever in southern California team Corbin you've got to come in studio and he did just that to me is so good to see in person how are you great great studio love this not too bad right now it's nice the in pictures so you can take those pictures down to me though that's tough to watch see on many other give me all day for three hours yeah this is good yeah actually you're upgrading my real estate all right so you and I spoke shortly after you won the national title in June what his life been like since then win and what have you been up to pretty busy actually I mean don't really have too much time to decompress this time of year because it's recruiting time and we get into camp couple weeks right after we played a couple days and then after that mention one up to Cape Cod and ins are kids play up the Cape Cod league and then past couple weeks been recurring bent down here or across here in Orange County area Long Beach watching the area code games and that's that's always been a lot of fun done that for twenty five years so it's good to kind of re capture this area and and get back here in season some of the kids we signed or so we're looking for down here what the area code games all about very good games are made up of of teams from all different area codes around the country so you have been west kids you have west coast kids he's because kids and they split him up in the major league organizations put a uniform on him whether it's Yankees are brewers are of Rangers of and nationals and just a lot of teams that play against one another and they play about four or five games a day for about ten twelve days so that's what we've been watching yes I actually because my kids both played club all out here and I've got one son going to a sconce and this fall my younger son starts high school is supplying club on high school baseball team it's amazing to me how different baseball always even from here to ten miles down the road and how different it is in a way to approach it what's your general take on southern California baseball where the kids like out here and the way they play good I mean they play a lot so they're they're more sound is hearing weather's excellent a little bit different than the northeast kids but I think that's what makes these games unique is because you get a lot of north these kids mixed in with the Orange County kids and kids from all over see you kind of see this style of play but I would say more than anything the kid from California groomed in the game and pretty savvy and I have a different feel about how to play the game Vanderbilt head baseball coach Jim Corbett is joining me in studio now in terms your team this is a great story about the moment when you knew this year's team could be really special in that moment did not take place on the field it didn't take place in a weight room it was around Christmas when you receive a report on the team's academic performance in the fall semester what was the report like and we're that let you know about this team how good it might be well now you know I go up to up to Boston to celebrate the the holidays and read about the time we go it's it's kind of just before Christmas I always receive the grades and you know when you're a coach you you you got your eyes on that because it it's obviously the performance and eligibility of your kids which Vanderbilt's never an issue but at same time you want to make sure the kids are doing well so when I get that report open it up and mammy was stellar was over three point oh team grade point average but more than the grades itself it it just made me kind of reflect on the fall and I I thought to myself you know writing a one called regarding a kids to the kids terms of behavior social behavior not one not one and that that's tough to come by when you have thirty five guys you know there's a lot there's a lot of behaviors that do happen but they were all positive and I I just think it at that time it may be thank this is a mature group they're they're making decisions for the right reasons and the harmony within the group was good and I felt like everyone you feel like you always have some talent but north that town to come out they they have to be doing the right things and at that point right there I thought okay you know I don't know if you win national championship but I think we can be successful yeah it's a different group and in a sense not just that it's a group stays out of trouble in a group gets good grades in talking to Kumar rocker really on the turn and run and in talking to you after it one of the recurring themes with the leadership of the senior class now for those who know the class they know that this group lost one of their own in Johnny ever he passed away tragically twenty sixteen first off let me ask about Donny what was he like as a person find a country kid who's a only child the Italian shoes and parents it you know I I think when talk about baseball talent not the Kitty is probably see as the next great won his last pitch he threw is a hundred one miles an hour who's in the SEC tournament and what they did and memorial to him as they put the one no one on the video board and they have that up there every year when we play in the tournament but in terms of the kid he was very fun loving I mean that's the the vision I have was that very last day when we worked out in the morning before he went fishing he was you just going around having a good time jolly's but six to two hundred twenty pounds country kid simple smart at same time but if our guys were anywhere and they were having fun he was in the middle of it so it was that kid that had a a tremendous sense of humor so it's a money maker the way the class responded to the tragedy and then that they brought Johnny's parents on to the stage after winning the title this year you know Jim in sixteen I I didn't know if we ever get off the ground again to be honest with you there are many times I go back and and talk to my wife and say I Jeez I don't know if I can do this and I don't know if we can keep moving and it is sometimes it was is torturous in terms of the sixteen years seventeen year but the fact that seven seniors came back some of the more drafted decided to come back in and be part of of their last season and have it come full circle was was really amazing for a lot of different reasons because seven good years one thing to have one of those legacy years is another thing and when we did we finish that off the the efforts were were part of it and you know sense the I guess the positive out of a losing someone as we gain their parents because a lot of time Jim when you when you have kids you don't really get to know their parents nor do you want to know their parents who want to keep it at a distance right but Italian Susan became almost like staff members now so everything that we do with the staff we invite them to so obviously wanna Toma they came with us and it was great to bring them onstage to celebrate that Tim Gorman is joining us to me mention Maggie a couple of times so me ask you this number years back your wife Maggie and you had a conversation about the concept of the last game of the year in the fact that for most teams the last game of the year is gonna be a loss in a tournament it's gonna be tough is gonna be sadistic comes along with that it was if you're going to focus on the last game there's a good chance that it's going to be with a lot of sadness you shifted the focus what did you shift it to they got away from the scoreboard more than anything else I mean I think just it is simply that it was that more than anything now she she did say that it was a right about the time our oldest was sick and I think we're going through an emotional time and she said if if you're just focusing on winning the last game here she goes you gonna die very frustrated man you to find other ways to to get something out of this which I have but it didn't really look at it that way so I think what she did is like a lot of people in your life they give you perspective and she just gave me perspective on on what we were doing as a as a as a family and how we were sharing these moments with the kids and we just kind of turned our attention more to that and did some of the small things better than the big things and then the big thing started to happen it's ME one perspective I mean you look this fire in right now but in the grand scheme of things we stopped along with your coaching a Presbyterian and sleeping in your car on recruiting visits in order to save money what do you remember about those days they're probably tough at the time but when you look back and you see how they provided some type of foundation for you I think the thing that you know I try to do with the kids to is it is as as they proceed through college athletics and as they garner some attention just retain your innocence don't ever lose your innocence whether you're a major league player whatever you do and I think I try to follow that same path I remember where I came from I know what it was like much like you and your business and you start off slow and you wonder if you're ever going to get to the place that you think you could get nor do you have that vision so I I think I've always been a Presbyterian guy even at Vanderbilt I I feel like I'm a Presbyterian coach I've I've value things and I want our kids to value things too because that's a that's very important so I don't see anything around me as being grander than what it is I try to keep it very simple we talked to Tim Corbin for a few more moments now when you and I spoke after you won the last time we talked about the fact that Jerry Stackhouse is already trying to learn from you is not the only one head football coach Derrick Mason is talk about how much is learned from you in terms of teaching the details of the game how to those details whether it's the cleanliness of the dog out the fact that the notebooks or the right spot the classroom all the little things how does that show open success on the field I I just think that awareness skills of males are are things that have to continually be touched upon I think it's like a vitamin and we start every day in a classroom before we go to the field I spent about thirty forty five minutes every day talking about concept could be small concepts could be character traits could be anything but I think when you start to become very protective of your identity in who you are you start becoming protective of what you have and the people around you and when guys start to do that they they become interdependent when they become interdependent they become very good teammates and I think it's for them to to focus on their awareness level and what's around them and be respectful of the things that they have in the people that are around him because of financial aid that teammate type concept it starts to flow into what they become whether it's a man or husband repair and they become very protective of that too so really I'm just trying to get a bunch of kids to to reach maturity maybe at a quicker rate than they would if if no one broach those subjects a mention in passing something has come back to the program now the phone a couple of national championships when your MLB players come back to train and they show the love respect that there for you in the program it's got to be something like when David price says quote coach Corbin is a second father to me what's it like to hear that what's that mean to you.

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