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Everybody it's not and think about how much ties have changed because you have demarco rosen upset because he would trade it from toronto to san antonio so i'm gonna prove that's like being upset from being traded from an nfl team to the new england patriots think about how much time to change the culture in san antonio is not what it once was lamarcus aldridge wanted two years exactly you don't get walked out that door to coach a walk out with him and look at what has transpired system dunkin lift one year later the mortgage villagers wants out the next year why litter once out these have changed that culture is not what it once was tim duncan was a bigger part of the cold then people understand i i'm gonna disagree and we're a little bit all here but i gotta disagree with that in terms of the play i don't think the coaches change the players and expectations have changed when you had the tim duncan's the david robinson's manager nobly tony parker those are really four unique for sure guys three of them didn't even grow up playing in the united states of american then you've got david robinson than the naval academy really mature coming there now that you get to the more stereotypical us born players lamarcus auditors kawai linnet now there's problems but but i don't know if that's a pop deal as much as i would players argue for you in that respect because i think you've got one of your you got to san antonio guy in your system right now with the marta rosen because he's a guy who eats sleeps and drinks basketball he lives in the gym he's not worried about all those other things that come with basketball he's not talking about business he's not he's talking about basketball and basketball only and he's going into a system that will be good for him and he's going to he's going to jump right in and do whatever's necessary is a good character guy he's never gotten any trouble he's he's got a fister san antonio culture that we've all seen in love and i'm gonna go back to something you just said as far as popovich in that system go pop has done an excellent job at adjusting on the floor with rule changes and so on and so forth which allowed them to win championships in three different decades they haven't changed their same way off the floor according to personalities they still go about things as if tim duncan and david robinson internet locker room and they're not the same way that they have adjusted on the floor according to personnel dwell changes and so on and so forth they have not adjusted offer four according to the personalities that they have in that locker room for the rapper this move of the calculated risk might already be blowing up in their faces multiple sources report colli leonard has no interest in plant in toronto the sporting news reports the may actually consider sitting out the season with luck has this situation damaged co wise reputation in my view yes kawai to me has not handled this well he's another guy that has spoken through leaks and through people close to him still haven't heard from hawaii leonard on exactly what he wants we we've heard that he wants to be in los angeles i haven't heard him put his name on it i haven't heard him speak i think that's a mistake for me i'm going to be watching kawai leonard moving forward skeptically he's an odd personality which there's nothing wrong with that some people say i'm an odd personality but i wanna see how it plays out a way from gregg popovich and that system i wanna see him if it's in toronto or one of these la teams i wanna see if he's still the same player on an open market with the sixers want him yup lakers yep clippers yet how about everybody in the league not named san antonio wants a car dash and don't mean they're good for you but they're good for business they're good for business he's good for business listen everybody's got baggage best player in the world lebron summer like yeah he's tough to coach little drama kevin durant now he's kind of a wander you can see steve kerr during games trying to get in these are not they're humans he's a human being he's not perfect all those guys.

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