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Rick as a huge threat to win. I need to get rid of him. So as much game as Rick was talking about how oh just wait you wait until the person comes in from the edge of extinction. This could be getting nother piece of fake news spoken by Rick Devon's the newscaster. How dare you imply that Rick has a fake newscast done. Will rick? Do a final trouble council. Will he do his trademark news anchor done? I feel like only if it's akin to me to the big brother seven finale where Dr will calls boogie on the chill town line during the jury questioning I feel like only if he's prompted you it and he's done it in public. There was a secret. I think back in three where he doesn't use cast and honor of Kelly's birthday. So I feel like it's common knowledge, even though it's become more private or privatized corporatized as of late. So I feel like maybe if David's on the jury and prompt whether like I want you to answer this question, but I want you to answer it in the form of a news briefing. If that's how ridiculous this thirteen person. Final tribal council is going to go then we're going to hear it come in. Okay. Let's play this questions comes to us from Billy. Victoria, have a worse than the race have a friend. I don't know. Julia. I don't know like I mean to her credit like most of her friends are still there. Yeah. I mean, maybe Julia has just been the most malleable, she is the slime. So maybe that's maybe that's why you've been turned off to selected. I would say that maybe Ron it seems like she had a close relationship with Ron even though he tried to throw her under the bus during that chaotic tribal council believe she voted against Rick along with Ron and Julie she would want to come back. Yeah. So maybe I could see that. So it really Horia who would her person be Victoria is. I know I'm bringing up a trigger word here for you, Victoria, sort of like the slime. She she really is flowing from alliance to alliance which really tough to nail down. You know, who she would want back especially because she has really hot from rock to rock like Eric in the middle of the ocean. Reading his letter to Chris or so now now, I'm confusing. These guys I would say Ron probably be the best bet, you know, they seem like they have a friendly relationship except for the time that Braun tried to throw her under the bus in front of her face. But they have stuff stemming back all the way from one. They were throwing Joe under the bus right in front of Joe. And he did she did stick with the plan and voted along with Ron against Rick when he idled out Ron, so I guess that's the best thing. I can think of right now. Okay. All right. Let's go to another voicemail, and this is from one of our listeners Billy who has a question for Mike about Rick Devon's up. This is Billy and to city Iowa. And I just wanted to know if Rick Devin is a millennial. Thank what my congratulations by. Mike is Rick Devon's Molyneaux. Well, he does ruin everything. So. I think that's I think have to our second. Goodnight, folks. End the podcast right there. Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, the podcast is done. Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun Dun now. Where did this question? Go for what where's this out to do? Anything? Rick Devon's it's thirty three years old. Okay. Is he a millennial I suppose by the pure? I guess it goes back to millennials versus gen X attitude versus age being just a number. I guess he is how old was Mari Takahashi. I feel like she was around that range. Right. She sort of is on the teetering the Takahashi Ken line who's a millennial who's a genetics. And I guess, you know, he's doing crazy challenges like popping out and scaring people for the views and the laws of it. All he has his own at sea shop selling crazy trinkets, and Julie that's true. But doing an on island at least he's he's he's he's making entrepreneurial and starting his own on island venture like millennials. He's very woke in that. He literally wakes up in the middle of the night to find idols in trees..

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